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Hooray! One look and you shall remember all 37 Chinese Bopomofo/Zhuyin Phonics Symbols!

December 21, 2011. YAY! I finally completed this project in less than 1 year! Woo Hoo! (Happy Dance) Using awesome Waldorf Education approach (Thank you Rudolf Steiner and Chris Bennett), I made mnemonics worksheets for people on this planet to learn Mandarin Chinese Phonics (“Bopomofo”/Zhuyin Fuhao). With one look, you will always remember the phonics symbols, no more rote writing of each symbol a gazillion times in your exercise books! If you looove doodling like I do, this is an errorless way to learn zhuyin since the wrong symbols cannot fit the picture/meaning of that symbol! I want to thank all my school teachers for looking the other way when I was student, doodling these teaching aids during classtime under my textbooks (and passing these doodlings back and forth with my friend Pei Shan, later with Shan Lee and Han Cheng…sorry, I am naming names!). After many years, my in class doodling is now a useful educational tool, if I say so myself! Please leave me a comment below if this aide is useful to your little ones. You can download these FREE worksheets here.

Please subscribe (top of sidebar) to my blog and check back again. I will add pronunciation/ sound later when I learn how to. Meanwhile, click here to listen to the pronunciation of each symbol.

Support Our Local Southern California Waldorf Families!

Hello Sunshine!

Let’s support our friends in our local Southern California Waldorf Community! Click on the image above to take you to a page showing the many endeavors of our talented families. Click on their businesses, practices, stores, passions, etsy stores, blogs, special causes and so forth. Support our fellow friends! Also tell everyone you know about their stores. Thank you so much with a cherry on top! If you are interested in placing a free ad on this page, click here. Please spread the word about this community resource.

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