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The New Year is Here, The Good New Year 新年到新年好 Xinnian Dao, Xinnian Hao

M-Girls – CNY01 – 09 – 新年到新年好. Fun costumes!

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M-Girls – 四个女生
Chinese New Year 2001 – 开心心迎接丰收年
Song 09 – 新年到新年好

This is the first Chinese New Year album by 四个女生 (M-Girls). The group combines the talents of four Malaysian singers who were child stars:

Angeline Khoo – 小妮妮 (Xiao Ni Ni)
Crystal Ong – 王雪晶 (Wang Xue Jing)
Queenzy Cheng – 庄群施 (Chaung Chin Si)
Cassandra Chin – 金燕子 (Jin Yan Zi)

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