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Animation Shorts in Mandarin Chinese

The goal of this page is to expose children to mandarin chinese culture, art and language through animation shorts for children.

Tadpoles Looking For Their Mama. 蝌蚪找妈妈 This 15 minutes long award-winning animation short features chinese narration, English subtitles, chinese classical instrumental music, chinese brush painting and plot. The pace is slow and topic more appealing to a young child.
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Tadpoles Looking For Their Mama is a Chinese animated short, co-directed by Te Wei and Tang Cheng, and released in 1960. This was the first film to successfully utilize brush-painting animation, which the animators at Shanghai Animation Film Studio had worked tirelessly to develop starting in the late 1950s. Although most sources credit studio director Te Wei with inventing the technique, some believe that more credit is due to animators A Da and Duan Xiaoxuan. Whatever the case, this film amazed audiences in China and around the world. It won awards at several prestigious festivals, including Locarno, Cannes, and Annecy, among others.

水墨动画 Chinese Painting Animation

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