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Katya’s 6th birthday Cinderella

130801 Vi and Nu playing with Katya's handmade corrugated cardboard dollhouse. Square.

130801 Vi and Nu playing with Katya's handmade corrugated cardboard dollhouse. Square.

August, 2010. 5 year old Nunu helped make a Cinderella doll and dollhouse set for Katya’s 6th birthday.

We made the fireplace with cardboard box covered with clay. Here Nunu cut out the shapes of the bricks. We will then paint the fireplace and add a battery operated tea light that flickers, inside the fireplace, partly covered by a thin layer of blue wool roving to look like smoke.

Nunu diligently sewed  a pillowcase for Cinderella. Notice the painted fireplace on the right corner.

Happy 6th Birthday Katya!

Nunu showing Katya how to turn on the fireplace battery operated tea candle.

Cinderella woke up joyfully in the morning. She fluffed the straw in her bed, hung her laundry to dry, sorted some peas for lunch, swept the floor and put on her best straw hat to go to the market.

What a wonderful day, Cinderella can’t wait to greet the world!

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Homemade Puppet Theatre of Apple Cake by Nienke Van Hichtum. Our wonderful audience

Nunu’s 7th birthday: We performed “Snow White and Rose Red by the brothers Grimm.”

Snow White and Rose Red wedding scene. Handmade and homespun puppet theatre by

Nunu’s 8th birthday: We performed traditional chinese fairy tale, “Laibao’s Quest For A Bride” 來寶求親 Click below to view our gazillion pictures! It’s a very good story… brings tears to my eyes everytime I read or tell it!

121107 Laibao in honeysuckle bushes. Handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

April 25, 2013, Thursday. Performance of Snow White and Rose Red for Ms Tiesha’s aftercare program.

130425 logo close up Nunu performing table top puppet show for children

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Sleeping Beauty at the window. Square.

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