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Auction Package No. 185. Mermaid Mother and Her Merbaby by Castle of Costa Mesa. Donations for Waldorf School of Orange County Spring 2013 Gala + Auction

130219 Cloudy day auburn-brunette mermaid mother and her merbaby with red starfish and purple sea urchins

130219 Cloudy day auburn-brunette mermaid mother and her merbaby with red starfish and purple sea urchins

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February 18, 2013. Monday. I finished making the mermaid mother and her mermaid baby set to donate to the Waldorf School of Orange County Spring 2013 Gala + Auction. You should be able to bid on this online between now and March 9, 2013.

February 19, 2013. Tuesday. The children had no school this week due to Presidents Week/ski week. Vi pleaded for us to go to the beach, despite the cool and cloudy weather. So, off the the beach we went. I tucked my handmade dolls into my jacket and lugged my digital SLR with me to clamor the rocky tide pools.

130219 leaping Vivi on little corona del mar beach

This mother and child pair was made to celebrate that special bond between a mother and child.

130219 Mother and baby mermaid embracing and gazing into the ocean 3

The mermaid mother shuddered over the beauty and sacredness of her sleeping child.

130219 Mermaid mother descending upon sleeping merbaby

Come, come, follow mama! Their laughter blended in with the lapping of the waves and the moaning of the seagulls.

130219 Mermaid mother beckoning her merbaby with logo

Being a mother for so long, she could hardly remember herself ever sunbathing alone. Her arms felt empty and vast.130219 Needle-felted auburn-brunette faceless mermaid doll 2

These two dolls were needle-felted and hand stitched with love by me using the choicest materials. The mermaid body were made with 100% natural wool roving. The hair is made from 100% curly wool mohair yarn. The tails were stitched on using high grade sequins. – Jzin, CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Waldorf School of Orange County Annual Gala and Auction 2013:

Blissful leaping with joy large logo.

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Bliss cropped event banner. Dress it. Feel it. Be it. Bring it to the Waldorf School of Orange County's Annual Gala and Auction on Saturday, March 9, 2013. Harborside Grand Ballroom, Balboa Pavilion. Support Steiner Waldorf School of Orange County. WSOC, Costa Mesa, Orange County, California, USA. Bidpal silent auction. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

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