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Alas, my friend, I tell you, my life consists of dreaming of crafting, crafting and punctuated by the feeding and caring of a pile of children (3). Thus this page is in an unkempt, unfinished state. You can still browse through it, time will tell when I will tidy this page up. Cheers! – Jzin

131009 FELT post pretty. square cropped with tail. Jzin'd purple orange nuno wet-felted kelp.

My Unbridled Love of Felting

There. I love something more than chocolates. Now you know you can buy me wool, silk and other fibers for my birthday instead of European chocolates.  Jzin. October, 2013.

Jzin’s Felt Tutorials

1224 square 150513 CastleofCostaMesa Jzin Toadstool hack Jzin's secret we-felting large projects140818 Felt Tree Tutorial square version 1131021 toadstool cottage tutorial. square.131030 Jzin's Boat Tutorial square cropped with Mermaid Georgina, Merbaby Sunshine and Sailor Prince in white and mint blue felt boat

Jzin’s Experimentations and Learning

131104 Golden buttercup gown heated longer felting square cropped131008 Jzin's purple orange nuno wet-felted kelp. square cropped with tail. logo 1130918 Single flower. Jzin's first wet-felted flowers using mawata silk hankies

Felted Playscapes

140303 Baby Helena enclosed in the castle grounds. square cropped with logo131201 Mermaid in front of open cave square cropped with logo131109 Felt gnome home at Tanager square cropped130730 Magical Felt Bottomless Wishing Well handmade by CastleofCostaMesa.Com.130403 Anička's first wet-felted playscape. Square.130408 Nunu's first felted playscape. Square130324 Spring craft. A family of felted rabbits in a burrow. logo130328 Mommy and me making wet-felted octopus 2 words130206 square. Waldorf School of Orange County wet-felted Enchanted Fairy Tale woodland playscape in Spring part 2 work in progress131021 The Enchanted Woodland Wet-felted Playscape. Square. Prince, princess and unicorns galloping across the woodland130130 Part One. Square. Squirting liquid dish detergent and hot water on wet-felted playscape blanket130205 Part Two. Prince, princess and unicorns galloping across the woodland130321 Part Three. Square. Gisela adding brown felt base to felt cottage1303021 Part Four. Square. Nunu help selling raffle tickets at Company of Angels Store130117 Inspiration for our craft group wet felted playscape.Needle Felted Mermaid and Waterfall and Lagoon by PhaedraPhoenix. square

Unfinished pages…

Carding on cactus, in Mexico. Those who have not saved up for a drum carder, start growing your cactus!Cactus carding

Las mujeres otomies del Valle del Mezquital, en Hidalgo – México, elaboran estropajos y bolsas con las fibras de un maguey. Primero recolectan las pencas, las queman y golpean para separar las fibras de ixtle de los duros tejidos de la epidermis vegetal. El ixtle se lava, se tiñe, se seca y se “peina” en las espinas de las biznagas.

México Megadiverso-

México Megadiverso-

Scouring pads and bags with a maguey fibers made women the Mezquital Valley, in Hidalgo – Mexico, Otomi. First gather the cladodes, burn them and knock to separate the fibres of the hard tissues of the plant epidermis ixtle. The ixtle is washed, stained, dry and “comb” on the spines of the exquisite.Mexico megadiverse-

Jzin’s Handmade Dolls

Below are some of my needle-felted dolls. Click on this link to look at the entire list of handmade dolls.

130525 Trio of flower fairies square logo130118 Handmade doll giveaway Needle-felted and handstitched miniature fairy tale Knight and Lady with logo. square

and more dolls…

Homemade Puppet Shows

121107 Laibao in honeysuckle bushes. Handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. CastleofCostaMesa.Com130712 Emily smiling over her birthday apple cake baked by daddy. square cropped with title130425 square. little pigtails performing to her rapt audience130219 Mother and baby mermaid embracing and gazing into the ocean. square121206 Jzin's handmade pulled Magic wool fairy Roman Catholic style Holy Guardian Angel logo

Wednesday Morning Weekly Craft Group Projects

Our Waldorf School of Orange County craft group meets weekly and crafts together. Click on the picture below to check out the gallery of our seasonal crafts, made with mostly natural materials. Clicking on each tile will bring you to the photo diary pages of our creative process.

If you “Like” CastleofCostaMesa facebook page, you will be notified via facebook post, of our weekly craft creations.

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

Jzin’s Handmade Dolls.

Sleeping Beauty at the window. Square.

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Waldorf Seasons Nature Table Dolls

Click on the square to view dolls for that season…

All Seasons

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