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Make My Own Beloved Chinese Song Book

Please check back later. I am still working on this page, sorry!


Photographs of this project is pending.

I believe that doing is learning. By compiling and binding your own song book, you bond with these songs more and take a deeper possession of your mastery of the songs and language.

Let us make a beautiful Chinese Song Book of our beloved songs.

You will need:

  • Chinese Children’s Song Free Coloring Pages.
  • Large watercolor paper to make book covers. When folded in half, it should be slightly larger than the 8.5″x11″ printer paper sandwiched inside.
  • painting/drawing/decorating medium
  • hole puncher
  • pretty piece of ribbon. string or fabric to bind the song book
  • Optional: Chinese calligraphy brush and ink

2. Decorate, color, modify the pages with color pencils, crayons, glitter, collage, sequin, acrylic, water color what have you. Collect each coloring page in a folder until you have all that you need for the song book.
3. Making the book cover: While we are at it, lets make some watercolor (or another media that gives you the jollies!) wash or painting on a sturdy art paper, sized slightly larger than our standard 8.5″x11″ computer printer paper.
4. While watercolor is drying, sing and dance to the Song List.
5. When watercolor is dry, label the song book. For example: “Belshazzar’s Chinese Song Book. Handmade with pride by Belshazzar Bojangles The Third.” in chinese calligraphy and freshly ground ink.

Sandwich your coloring pages inside your water color picture.
6. punch 2 holes through the water color and each of the decorated coloring pages.
7. String through your coloring pages and book cover with a beautiful piece of fabric or ribbon.
8. Tie up the song book
9. Showcase it to all the visitors that come around while singing aloud from the songs in the book that you made!


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  1. Hi, Jzin. I love your ideas on creative ways of learning the Bopomo. I am a mother of young children, and I am starting to teach my children Bopomo as well. I live in San Diego, and my mom and I have created a music class for local preschooler. Our ideas is to teach Chinese through songs and fun simple craft. I will love to connect with you on Facebook. I may use some of your good ideas!

    July 4, 2014

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