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Waldorf Seasons Nature Table

I made my love a seahorse. Handmade Waldorf felt seahorse kit and craft tutorial for children webpage. Free seahorse pattern template. Glittering handmade fairy tale sequin mermaid dolls for Waldorf Summer Seasons Table by CastleofCostaMesa. Mermaid Jora, Mondine and merbaby.

130924 African Merprince Summer post pretty130925 Windswept hair, red lambswool sweater, yellow kite blonde handmade Nova Scotia Kite boy Fall Autumn Waldorf Seasons Nature Table post pretty.

All Seasons

130924 Waldorf Season nature table dolls for all seasons.  All Seasons The Wanderer post pretty

Fall Season Nature Table Handmade Dolls

Click on the pictures to see more.

130920 square. Maple Leaf child for Waldorf Fall Seasons Table waving


Winter Season Nature Table Handmade Dolls

Spring Season Nature Table Handmade Dolls

Summer Season Nature Table Handmade Dolls

Here are some little fellas to add to your Summer seasons table! Click on the pictures to see more. I take custom orders on my Etsy store!

Click here to check out my other handmade dolls.

Please leave a comment below (scroll to bottom of the page) and let me know which doll(s) you will want to see in my next giveaways! – Jzin. September 11, 2012

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  1. Claudia #

    These are all so pretty. My daughter just asked if we could put her nature table back up.

    September 15, 2013

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