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Caterpillar Children Audrey and Freckles

Waldorf Spring Seasons Table caterpillar butterfly children Audrey and Freckles You get off MY flower

One fine morning, a hungry butterfly went looking for breakfast…

Hm…this looks delicious!

Let me take a closer look.

This is going to be so yummy in my tummy!

Along comes Audrey’s little brother Freckles who was hatched from his chrysalis only 10 seconds after Audrey.

Hey! Get off my flower!

No YOU get off my flower!

MOM! Audrey calls out.

What do you think will happen next?

I enjoy the soothing rhythm of making small dolls like these. I would bring my crafting box and sew these dolls when I watch my kindergartener play in the beautiful kindy yard in the morning at school drop off last year. When I am not tying up the willow arbor, my hands like to be busy sewing.

Audrey and Freckles have wings which are removable. So, early in Spring, the teachers could place them on the nature table as wingless caterpillars. When the warm sun warms up the season, the caterpillar can emerge from their coccoon as winged butterflies. Children are surprised to see these dolls now with their long awaited wings!

Little Audrey the butterfly-caterpillar child has since gone to live in Miss Terri’s Kindergarten classroom. Her brother, Freckles, now lives in Miss Holly’s Kindergarten classroom.

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