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Flower Fairies: Bluebell, Morning Glory and Primrose

130525 Trio of flower fairies square logo

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130525 Trio of flower fairies square logo

These flower fairies are available to purchase on CastleofCostaMesa Etsy store.

May 24, 2013. My 8 year old daughter Nunu and I made a little spring craft:

The early weeks of May had brought me through some rocky roads which eventually led to some wonderful miracles and options. By mid May 2013, I can now gratefully say that the trials had turned out to be harbinger of good things and new options. How lovely!

During the more challenging days, I comforted myself by buying myself an assortment of colorful and sparkly Angelina fibers to try out in wet-felting. I was so happy and excited to receive them in the mail. YAY! Fun materials to play with! You can click on the picture below if you want to get some yourself.overstock dot com Angelina fibers crimp cut picmonkey

Angelina Angelina Crimped Cut Fibers – Assortment of 14 Colors on

Nunu and I spent some mommy and me time making some flower fairies.

130525 Bluebell, morning glory and primrose in bush

Our magical flower fairies pretending to be just flowers… Bluebell (with her bell), Morning Glory and Primrose. When no one is looking, the ladies will come out to frolic in the bushes!

130525 Trio of flower fairies frolicking it the bushes

The Purple One: Morning Glory Flower Fairy

This flower fairy is for sale on CastleofCostaMesa’s Etsy store here.

Our Morning Glory flower fairy in our fruiting black berry bushes.

130524 Morning Glory flower fairy in our blackberry bushes

Her hair was made with shiney and deliciously luscious Angora kid mohair locks. Her skirt was felted from wool, and a touch of sparkly Angelina fiber for that magical look.

130524 Morning Glory Fairy in piano room with logo

back view of the Morning Glory Flower Fairy

130524 Morning Glory flower fairy doll in piano room backview logo

The Pink One: Primrose Flower Fairy

 This was the first one I made. You can purchase her on my Etsy store here.

130525 Primrose Flower Fairy in piano room front view with logo

130525 Primrose Flower Fairy at Tewinkle lawn with logo

The Bluebell Flower Fairy Handmade by Nunu with some mama help

It was a lot of fun to craft with my 8 year old Nunu. She has a daily piano practice routine after school. When she is not playing the piano or busy reading (she loves to read!) I am happy to craft and chat or sing songs while crafting with her. Much fun!

I am proud of Nunu’s design and crafting skills. I helped her a little.

The Bluebell flower fairy is for sale on CastleofCostaMesa Etsy store here.

130525 Bluebell flower fairy with logo

The short, sad and beautiful tale of the “Forget-me-not” child by Reg Down

We love the Tiptoes Lightly Books by Reg Down. As my daughter and I were making these flower fairies, we wondered aloud if we should make table top puppet dolls for the beautiful story of “The Forget-me-not” child for our table top puppet show. The “Forget-me-not” child story is such a beautiful and sad story.

Here is an excerpt of the short, sad and beautiful tale of the “Forget-me-not” child from Reg Down’s Tiptoes Lightly book, Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant. This was our very first of the Tiptoes Lightly books. The are beautiful soul foods for the child and adult! By now, my 8 year old has voraciously read all his children’s books and is eagerly waiting for him to write more!

big-stamp-front-cover-february-2013 picmonkey

Reg’s Down’s Books on his website. His facebook page.

Auburn Flower Fairy

Memorial weekend, May 2013. Nunu made this flower fairy. I helped her modify it to my taste until she no longer likes it (It is now my favorite flower fairy). Now she forbids me to modify any of  her  future creations! Sigh! I have becomed a kibitzing mama!

May 29, 2013 Tuesday. I finally photographed this new flower fairy, at Tanager Park.

This flower fairy is available for purchase on my Etsy store here.

130529 Auburn flower fairy at Tanager Park with logo

Buttercup, the blonde Flower Fairy

Memorial Day weekend, May 2013. I like how this doll turned out, understated. For me, understating is a challenge, since I love details!

May 29, 2013. Photographed at Tanager Park with a carload of organic groceries on the side of the road.

130529 Buttercup the flower fairy at Tanager Park with logo

June 22, 2013. The Buttercup flower fairy was sold along with 2 other fairies from my Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy store.

Thank you Jen for the feedback photos! I hope Leah loves her fairies!

130622 Jen's box of 3 flower fairies for Leah

Violet, The Flower Fairy

Memorial Day weekend, May 2013. This is the most voluptuous looking flower fairy of all. Flower fairies need to have a more innocent look. I think she will make a good earthy young queen or human doll.

This doll is available for purchase on my Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy store here.

Violet was selected as a prize by the winner of my Spring 2013 Flower Fairy giveaway. She has since went to live in Slovenia with Tatiana.

130529 Violet the flower fairy at Tanager Park

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