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The Wandering Songstress 天涯歌女

天涯歌女 Tianya Genu

“Thread and Needle” Song made famous in Ang Lee’s film “Lust, Caution”





郎呀 咱們倆是一條心

噯呀噯呀 郎呀


郎呀 患難之交恩愛深
噯呀噯呀 郎呀

郎呀 穿在一起不離分
噯呀噯呀 郎呀

The Wandering Songstress

From the end of the earth, to the farthest corner of the seas

I search and search for my heart’s mate

A young girl sings, while her lad accompanies her

My dear, our hearts are one

Aiya aiya my beloved

Our hearts are one

Looking north from my home on the hill
My tears fall and wet my sleeves
I have been missing you up to today
Love in troubled times run deep
Aiya aiya my beloved
Love in troubled times run deep

In life, who does not
Cherish the springtime of youth?
A young girl to her man, is like thread to its needle
Ah my beloved    We’re threaded and inseparable
Aiya aiya my beloved
We are threaded together and impossible to part




A tour de force performance by Tang Wei 汤唯. Tang Wei sings “The Wandering Songstress” 天涯歌女 in an amazing film sequence in Ang Lee’s film “Lust, Caution” 色戒.

周璇 – 天涯歌女 Zhou Xuan – The Wandering Songstress 1937

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    Her songs: Evening Primrose, San Nien, Too Late (already married), Suzhou Serenade, Tokyo Serenade, are all very beautiful songs.

    October 27, 2015

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