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Chinese Children’s Songs: Little Furry Donkey 小毛驢

小毛驢 Xiao Mao Lu

A popular chinese children’s song about a little donkey. Catchy tune. This song reminds little ones to be kind to animals.

我有一隻 小毛驢
我 從來也不騎
有一天我 心血來潮

Hanyu Pinyin Version
Wo you yizhi xiaomaolu
Wo conglai ye bu qi
You yitian wo xinxuelaicao
Qizhe qu ganji er

Wo shou li nazhe xiaopibian
Wo xinli zhen deyi
Bu zhi zhenme walalalalala
Wo shuailiao yishen ni
Little Furry Donkey
I have a little furry donkey
I have never ridden him
On a whim I rode him
to herd my  flock of sheep

a little leather whip was in my hand
My heart was full of glee
Oh what happened next wha lalala lala
I fell into the mud

Four Golden Princess (sic):


Another version of this song. A slow, repetitious cartoon.

A delightful choir:

Now let us go “Oooh” and “Ahhh” over these adorable handmade and vintage “Little Furry Donkey” works from my creative friends at

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  1. B #

    Here is the English version
    “I Had a Little Nut Tree”

    I wonder where this song originated.

    July 9, 2011

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