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Chinese Children’s Songs: Tale of the Snail and Orioles

蝸牛與黃鸝鳥 Wo Niu Yi Huang Li Niao

This is a very cute story about a humble and proactive little snail who plans ahead! I still remember my little sister coming home from preschool one day singing this song. I loved it then as I love it now! Such a sweet story with irresistable melody! Click here to print a PDF version of this free coloring page.

Tale of the Snail and the Orioles
A grape trellis stands by the edge of the garden
The grape seed has just sprouted tender green leaves
The snail carries his heavy shell
Step by step he crawls up the trellis
Two yellow orioles perch on a tree
Heehee haha they laugh at him
“There is still a long time before the grape will ripen
What are you doing climbing up the trellis now?”
Snail replies “Yellow oriole, yellow orioles do not laugh”
When I get to the top, the grapes would be ripe by then.”
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A video of this popular children’s song:

A cartoon version, depicting meanings of the lyrics

Goldfinch and Cherry Tree c.1834
Artist: Katsushika Hokusai

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