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Mama’s Eyes 媽媽的眼睛

This is a very popular chinese children’s song, full of love and tenderness for the mother.

Traditional mandarin chinese lyrics and English Translation:








Mama’s Eyes

In the beautiful, beautiful skies

Appear many twinkling little stars

They look just like my mother’s loving eyes

My mama’s eyes, how I love them the most

Mama always wishes that I be a good little child

Mama’s eyes, I love them the most

Simplified mandarin chinese lyrics and Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation:








Mama de yanjing

Meili de meili de tiankong li

Chulai liao guangliang de xiao xing xing

Haoxiang shi wo mama ciai de yanjing

Mama de yanjing wo zui xiai

Changchang de xiwang wo zuo ge hao xiao hai

Mamade yanjing wo zui xiai

媽媽的眼睛. Two sisters play a delightful duet on the piano and violin. Thank you onionsister 洋蔥家兩姐妹 for uploading this sweet piece on I love it!

Crystal Ong 王雪晶 – 媽媽的眼睛 Ma Ma De Yan Jing (四千金客串).
This video begins with the Four Golden Princess 四千金客 singing 媽媽的眼睛 Ma Ma De Yan Jing, followed by Crystal Ong (Wang Xue Jing 王雪晶) reminescing a mother who is far away. Sweet voices, sweet faces and songs just too much make-up! Accompanied by traditional mandarin chinese song lyrics.
Thank you MrTonyTV2 for uploading this on

媽媽ㄇ的眼睛. Here is a cute cartoon version of a popular mandarin chinese children’s song with traditional chinese lyrics. This song also points out that “ㄇ/m” is for Mama. This short and sweet song is played twice. Chinese lyrics included in video.
Thank you learningbus for loading this on

The Malaysian Four Golden Princess singing “Mama’s Eyes”. 馬來西亞四千金_媽媽的眼睛. Traditional Mandarin Chinese lyrics are helpful to children to learn word recognition. A more upbeat version of the same song by the same Four Golden Princess.
Thank you renawiat for uploading this video on!

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