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The Moldau 我的祖国

我的祖国 Wode zuguo/ My Fatherland

Má Vlast Moldau (Vltava): from the Suite “My Fatherland” by Bedřich Smetana
This music by Smetana is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes every time, even though I am not Czech, it makes me miss the Moldau river so! (and I have never been to Czech Republic).

Vltava, also known by its German name Die Moldau (or The Moldau), was composed between 20 November and 8 December 1874 and was premiered on 4 April 1875. It is about 12 minutes long, and is in the key of E minor.

In this piece, Smetana uses tone painting to evoke the sounds of one of Bohemia’s great rivers.[2] In his own words:

The composition describes the course of the Vltava (伏尔塔瓦河),, starting from the two small springs, the Cold and Warm Vltava, to the unification of both streams into a single current, the course of the Vltava through woods and meadows, through landscapes where a farmer’s wedding is celebrated, the round dance of the mermaids in the night’s moonshine: on the nearby rocks loom proud castles, palaces and ruins aloft. The Vltava swirls into the St John’s Rapids; then it widens and flows toward Prague (布拉格城),, past the Vyšehrad, and then majestically vanishes into the distance, ending at the Labe (or Elbe, (易北河), in German).

Music for Music Teachers website has piano sheet music for this beautiful song.

我的祖国/伏尔塔瓦河 (Vltava)/莫尔道河 (The Moldau)

浪花拍两岸 涛声响彻四方 涛声响四方

伏尔塔瓦河你汇合了易北河更加辉煌 你奔腾流向前方
更加壮丽辉煌 壮丽辉煌奔向前方 奔向前方 向前方

In Chinese, by the Beijing Angelic Choir. I love it at this very slow tempo.

Bedřich Smetana – Má Vlast Moldau (Vltava): City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (EMH Classical)

This moving song is used in drama by Director Terrence Malick, called Tree of Life. (Release date: November 5, 2010) Cast: Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain

Ferenc Fricsay Conducts The Moldau from the Suite “My Fatherland” by Bedřich Smetana.


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