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賀新年 / 拜年 Hexinnian / Bainian
Please scroll to the bottom for lyrics.

四千金 賀新年 / 拜年

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王雪晶 小妮妮 – CNY 1999 – 12 – 贺新年 / 拜年

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巧千金 – 贺新年 Here’s a slower version from younger cute children.

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M-Girls ~ 賀新年 How interesting to watch dragon dancing on ice skating rink. Dreamy misty. A fun video.

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Lyrics below. Please check back. I will upload translation, simplified chinese version, pinyin pronunciation guide and who knows? Perhaps even zhuyin fuhao for kiddos to learn it? If you drop me a line in the comment box, I will be compelled to work on it sooner! 🙂

賀新年 • 拜年

嘿! 嘿! 嘿! 賀新年
嘿! 嘿! 嘿! 過個太平年

賀新年 祝新年 新年啊 年連年
賀新年 祝新年 新年啊 年連年
賀新年 祝新年 新年啊 年連年
願大家都過個太平年 ….. 2x

年初一頭一天 家家戶戶又要過新年
穿大街 走小巷 霹靂拍啦 炮竹響連天

正月初一頭一天 家家戶戶過新年
大街小巷懸燈彩 炮竹響連天
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 炮竹響連天
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 炮竹響連天

小妹過年好歡喜 換上新鞋穿新衣
從頭到腳打扮好 上街去拜年
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 上街去拜年
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 上街去拜年

過新年來拜年 小姐小姐 汽車在那邊
穿過街 走過巷 大家一起拜年 去拜年

(男) 聽說小姐去拜年 我有汽車在那邊
只要開說ㄧ聲 去那兒也不難
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 去那兒也不難
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 去那兒也不難

(合) 相逢何必曾相識 萍水相逢有姻緣
一見鍾情像閃電 一起去拜年
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 一起去拜年
七個隆咚鏘咚鏘 一起去拜年


  • Nayuka Nari

    I love your webpage and helpful teaching/learning videos, translations, explanations! Congratulations on doing such excellent work. I would love the chuyin fuhao pronunciation guide for the lyrics, but I don’t want to burden you with pressure. Thank you for all you do. I will check back before Chinese New Year and learn the lovely, lilting, timeless song of greetings, good wishes and happiness. Such a joy to have this service!
    PS I do not have a website or page, I am very simple.

    December 1, 2013
  • Evangeline

    Do you happen to have a Chinese New Year Song, played on a recorder and is a slow cheerful song. Thank you

    January 10, 2016

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