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Children love stories. Telling stories ia a great way to encourage a child’s interest in learning chinese language. Here are some videos and text of chinese stories. Enjoy!

  1. 36 Strategies 三十六計
  2. Biographies of Famous Chinese Historical Figures 人物故事大全
  3. Chinese Character Stories for Children 德育故事
  4. Chinese Tales of Filial Piety 二十四孝卡通故事
  5. Fables for Children 寓言故事
  6. Fairy Tales 神話故事
  7. European and Japanese fairy tales in mandarin chinese 神話故事
  8. Folk Tales and Strange Stories 神話志怪
  9. Historical Tales
  10. Chinese Idiom Stories. 成語故事
  11. Classical Poetry from Tang Dynasty 唐诗
  12. Stories of Wit and Wisdom 智謀故事
  13. Stories of Chinese Beauties (pending)
  14. Buddhist Fables for children in mandarin chinese
  15. Animation shorts in mandarin chinese featuring aspects of chinese art, language or culture


I want to you learn mandarin chinese with LOVE!

Did you get the memo from 2,000 years ago?


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