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Hardware Store

Jzin’s Favorite Crafting Tools

I like small stackable, multi-level craft boxes that I can carry everywhere. Great to steal in some craft time for when I have to wait for my child’s classes. Snapware makes them. I like the 6″x9″ ones to house my current projects which are small enough to carry places. I like to have at least 4 boxes: for storing (1) sewing tools (2) needle-felting foam box and needles (3) supplies (4) projects.

Snap_N_Stack_6x9_4-layer_bSource. You may purchase these from Jo-Ann’s fabrics, Michaels or Target. sells them too.


Single needle felting needle

Needle-Felting Pen

Clover Felting Pen

Clover felting pen


I like this size for  detailed felting on my miniature doll’s faces. I used this needle for some of my dolls such as listed below. If you are working with larger surfaces, you may want to use something else.

Spiral Felting Needles

Needle-Felting Pad

I like 6 x 6 x 2 inches foam pads. They are ideal size for my miniature dolls and fit just right in my carry-on craft box above. I bought the below foam pad from Woolpets on

1212 Woolpets on 6x6x2 Needle Felting Foam Pad

Craft Supplies

Felting Supplies

March 4, 2014. Wool Batt from West Earl Woolen Mill Knitting shop in Ephrata, Pennsylvannia, USA.

I bought 3 pounds of premium wool batt for $23.10, plus $13.10 shipping from Pennsylvannia to Southern California. Good price! Thank you Christine Newell for telling me about this place!

Here is there website with contact information:


Felted pictures on prefelt backing as Christmas tree ornaments for Winter Festival Elves Workshop

We created needle-felted pictures using prefelt, instead of felt pieces as backings. I love this fluffy prefelt! They are much easier to needle-felt than the dense regular felt. When we completed our pictures, we sew on colorful felt backings for a more finished look. We added a ribbon or yarn to enable these pictures to be displayed on a Christmas tree or on the wall.

White undyed 100 percent wool prefelt, used as backing for needle-felted pictures

Christine told me she bought her prefelt from Northeast Fiber Arts Center online.

Vintage scraps, notions

Tussah Silk

I used Tussah Silk for the hair of Luna’s Sleeping Beauty.

 I love this sublime material. The most heavenly substance to come out the butt of a silkworm! So smooth, a joy to touch and to behold. But alas, it is delicate, not for rough play. Very young children will need to be reminded to use gentle handling.

Tussah or wild silk worms live naturally in tropical or semi-tropical forests. Their silk is gathered after the moth emerges. There are many varieties and shades of wild silk. As the caterpillars eat all kinds of different trees, all rich in tannin, the silk is beige to brownish toned. Tussah silks are wildcrafted and thus may be considered “organically raised”. They are naturally tan, and generally are stronger and more resilient than cultivated “white” silks.

I got my Tussah silk from LaTeaDaDesigns on

Hand-dyed Wool Felt


Sari remnants


Goose Girl

Snow White and Rose Red

Felt pad

Handstitched Dolls

Puppet Show Scenes and Props

Battery operated tea candles

I really love it when the little battery tea candle flickers in the set during the puppet show. It warms my soul!

Flickering flameless led tea light candles for puppet show

 Crayola Model Magic is convenient for making props, such as a water jar here. which I buy in a large size tub when there is a sale at Michael’s craft store. You can also purchase it online by clicking on the image below.

Crayola Model Magic big 2 pound tub

Available on

Craft Books

Making Fairy Tale Scenes by Sybille Adolphi

 A happy seed was planted in my heart to make fairy tale dolls and scenes when I first laid my eyes on Sybille Adolphi’s book many years ago.

The adorable picture above came from Sybille Adolphi’s book, Making Fairy Tale Scenes. This book provided me with the desire to make puppet scenes for children. Such joy! Thank you Sybille!


Historical Costumes book


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My Handmade Dolls

Click on the picture of my handmade Sleeping Beauty Dolls to look at the Gallery of my handmade dolls.


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    Those tea candle flickers are so great, we have one on our winter seasonal table, the elves and animals warm up around it 🙂

    January 22, 2013

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