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Today we are making a bedroom for Cinderella’s Step-sisters. We started with a large Home Depot paper box.

My little helpers are so eager to help. Painting is so much fun!

Many hands make light work!

Children are naturally helpful.

Nunu helps to install the ornate door.

Cinderella’s step sisters have a painted bedroom now. I made the table from recycled cardboard box. The table has faux drawers. These two Emergency-C vitamin C boxes would soon be transformed into beds for Cinderella’s sisters.

Here is one bed for a sister.

Here is another bed for the other sister.

The cherubs were handmade with white Crayola Model Magic, then glued onto the painted cardboard using Aleene’s tacky glue.

Crayola Model Magic big 2 pound tub

Crayola model magic available on

Aleene’s tacky glue, available on

131116 Nunu focused on glueing hair on peg doll winter gnome Background 5 with logo

Here is Cinderella, in her ball gown in this room.

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  • Caitlyn Davis

    how did you make the detailed cherubs on the beds?

    July 20, 2014

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