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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2012 !

We put up a Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2012 show at the Barclay Theatre on January 28, 2012. We had 24 dancers! 10 Vibrant traditional Chinese New Year greeters in red (2 of them entered the stage in cartwheels), 5 Strong Nanzihan boys in blue with kungfu moves, 1 Chinese Lion dancer, 1 Firecracker bearer and 7 dreamy and delicate Chinese fan dancers! This was my first time choreographing and directing for the stage since college. Thanks to everyone, especially our willing, enthusiastic and talented children, we completed the project in 1 month! Thank you children, for bringing the joy of Chinese New Year to the community! Here is the diary of our shared rehearsal times together. It was an honor to be a part of the children’s growth and journey.

Happy New Year of the Dragon 2012! May your year be filled with abundance and meaning!

– Jzin

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