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Jzin, Artist

Here are some of my artwork. I sell some of them on my Etsy store. If there is a piece you like, you can enquire about it by leaving a comment below for me. – Jzin

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Life Drawings

140131 Detail of torso, with logo.Yoni the Jew with scimitar. Life model academic nude at FMA studio, Costa Mesa no logo140109 Vanna Mae 1 hour 20 minutes sanguine sketch. square cropped with logo140116 Annabelle the flamenco dancer artists model color sketch in less than 20 minutes square cropped. 140123 Len as the Sultan's Guard acrylic color sketch. with logo140220 Paul 2 minute sanguine sketch suppliant square cropped

Art and I are like star-crossed lovers separated by forces in life. Yet, after the storms pass, the organic love remains and the lovers are gradually getting re-acquainted, gazing at each other again. Thank you for being a witness to that which is enduring and cherished. – Jzin, January 2014.


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130315 Bacchus et Ariadne by Jzin Teng The bacchantes and nyads knew what Bacchus and Ariadne did notSquare. Oil Veil Painting with Russell Evans. Wednesday Morning Craft Group. Waldorf School of Orange County.  CastleofCostaMesa.Com130315 Feb 2012 Entrails of the Polite One by Jzin Teng. Acrylic on dry watercolor paper red clouds. square cropped with logo


111003 lavendar sun. Square. Watercolor painting with Angelika Kolbe. Wednesday Morning Craft Group, Waldorf School of Orange County. CastleofCostaMesa.Com


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130918 Single flower. Jzin's first wet-felted flowers using mawata silk hankies

Wool Tapestry

Handmade Dolls

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 131013 Luna's miniature Sleeping Beauty with Tussah Silk hair at cardboard castle window with logo

Puppet Shows

121107 Laibao in honeysuckle bushes. Handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. CastleofCostaMesa.ComSquare Snow White and Rose Red. Handmade Homespun Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. Waldorf. CastleofCostaMesa.Com


This is relatively new medium for me. – Jzin. February 2014.

3778150225 square cropped 8732.140201 Nunu flanked by fairy girls teenage folk dancers square cropped141210 square cropped. Barclay backstage Gingersnaps ballerina holding hands in a big knot.150225 Laughing girls Hexinnian square cropped.


Local Weekly Community Waldorf Craft Group

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121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

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