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I wish for families and friends of our local Waldorf community to support one another’s family businesses/causes/passions. If you are a member from the below list, you may place an ad on our Waldorf Family Community page for free!

Waldorf community: Teachers, Staff, Students, Speakers, Workshop teachers and their families and relatives of…

  1. Waldorf School of Orange County
  2. The Journey School
  3. Maple Village School
  4. local Southern Californian Waldorf homeschoolers
  5. any other way related to Waldorf Education, let me know
If you are interested, please leave me these info in the “comment box” below this page.
  1. a link to your website.
      • E.g. your business/website/blog/cause/ store/ store/facebook page/contact info
  2. a picture that speaks about the heart of your business.
      • I recommend the picture be very simple and beautiful to behold.
      • people who come to this webpage are mostly there to support “real people” of this community, not so much as a brand or product
      • Example: a family photo, a pet photo, something personal, a nature photo, beautiful photo of your products or services. An image that when someone sees it, they will say “Let’s support these folks, we know and like them!”
      • …instead of a too commercialized look with many words
  3. Optional: Short mission statement/slogan/catch phrase to go with the ad.
      • Example: Elite Global marketing. Kazakhstan today, Uzbekistan tomorrow!
      • However, if your mission statement is very long, it may appear very small on the ad and can be distracting. Look at the sample ad size below to make that judgement
      • I do love short words or phrases, they appear well. E.g. Bob, your local cobbler.
  4. Optional: something about your relationship to the Waldorf community:
      • Example: Belacane and Gahmuret, mom and dad to Feirefiz in First Grade, Ms Brooke’s class.
      • This feature is useful when my page gets more people on it, I will make it searchable, e.g. by class or type of business.
  • Time permitting, I can make the simple ad for you for free. I made all these ads below myself. If you have one made, just send that to me. I will post it at 1:1 ratio /square, or 210×210 pixel online.
  • Spread the love! E-mail this link to another family who can use the plug!
  • May we all be the support for one another! Blessings on your endeavors!
      • Wait until we have about 20 ads or so, then please post this page on Facebook or link it to your website to encourage all your friends to support our community!
  • Click here to see the page where your ad will be placed. Visitors will be able to access to your ad via “Love” tab on the homepage (see circled below).


Sample ads: They are square, not much room for many words. But each holds a picture well.



  • Wonderful! Wonderful! You are supporting your local community and those who make handmade. We are trying to do our part in encouraging others to buy handmade this holiday season on our website too. There is so much beauty and uniqueness in gifts made by hand. So much to treasure. Your handmade dolls are beautiful—so much happy pretending and imagination can be enjoyed with them…

    November 22, 2011
  • Love your blog1 I just pinned some of the Chinese New Year’s stuff…i like to write about China/ traditions/ as our products and children/husband are Chinese.
    I would love to somehow work together, help promote each other.

    Our web site and blog are listed above.

    Could I send you a photo for an simple ad? Would you want to share a Chinese story/fairy tale/song on my blog?

    Best! Sarah

    August 20, 2012
  • Hi Jzin, It’s Laura. Please ad our family business.Reuben & Laura Zeni parents to Isabella 2nd grade. Tell me how to add a photo, I’m not sure where to put it here.

    September 13, 2012
  • Clenna Emery

    I have enjoyed your blog – the pages to learn Chinese are so neat. But the various dolls are gorgeous. I especially love the Rose Red doll.

    November 25, 2012
  • Hi Jzin,
    So many wonderful giveaways and so much inspiration on your blog! I’d love to have ‘’ if you have the space. I have a button to grab on my website. Thanks so much and aloha, Lori from Waldorf (inspired) Moms.

    March 14, 2013
  • Very very cute and creative.

    February 22, 2014
  • Jim

    Does anyone have a link to the Mother’s Day song “Mu ching shang ray liang ee yang”? Sorry about the spelling; I heard the song many years ago in Mandarin class.

    May 12, 2014
  • Armida Cervantez

    Love all that you create!

    May 16, 2015

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