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Here is the first Sonatina assigned by our piano teacher for our 7 year old, on March 31, 2012:


Beethoven’s Sonatina page 1 of 3

Beethoven’s Sonatina page 2 of 3

Beethoven’s Sonatina page 3 of 3

Beethoven’s Wig Songs List

Hand waving over Beethoven’s Wig
Purists please look the other way! Beethoven’s Wig is so silly and so much fun, it’s quite addictive! Grandmother who is a professional pianist raised her eyebrows, “Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) did not come with lyrics!” I guiltily feed my kids these songs. Because it brings the composers near and dear to my young pianists’ hearts! You have been warned.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (by Beethoven’s Wig featuring Richard Perlmutter, “Beethoven’s Wig”)

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Beethoven once said, “If my music had words it’d be a lot more popular.”

Fur Elise – Beethoven (by Beethoven’s Wig featuring Richard Perlmutter “Just for Elise”)

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven (by Beethoven’s Wig featuring Richard Perlmutter, “Beep Beep Beep”)


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