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Sergei Mikhailovich Slonimsky (Серге́й Миха́йлович Слони́мский) was born on August 12, 1932 in Leningrad. Slonimsky is a contemporary Russian and Soviet composer, pianist and musicologist.

2 days after Nunu’s 7th birthday, Mr. Pavel assigned this new  piano piece: Thumbelina by Sergei Slonimsky. Gasp! So beautiful and sparkles! Let us see how long it takes for us to master this new piece.

Since the assignment of this piece, Nunu has performed it at our puppet shows, such as Snow White and Rose Red, Laibao’s Quest for a Bride at Maple Village Waldorf School in Long Beach (April 2014) and Orange County Homeschool Group (April 25, 2014).

April 27, 2014 Sunday 11am. Nunu is now 9 years old. She just performed Thumbelina by Slonimsky at our Music Teacher’s Association California’s (MTAC) Contemporary Music Festival piano competition at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. Bravo, little one! – mama/Jzin.

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Elina Akselrud plays Slonimsky’s “Thumbelina” so beautifully! This video was uploaded by elvensoulforever on

Another pianist plays this. Wow! Breath-taking. The first song is Thumbelina by Slonimsky (Сергей Слонимский: “Дюймовочка”).

Thank you Nadiatw for uploading this music on
Сергей Слонимский: “Дюймовочка”,
Ольга Петрова: “Клоуны”,
Петр Ильич Чайковский: “Русская пляска”,
Tchaikovsky: Russian Dance

Do drop me a line if you find another video of this music piece, or if you have performed this piece before. Thank you!

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