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Laibao’s Quest for a Bride. A touching traditional Chinese Folktale for children. It will warm your hearts and lift your spirits! This is the type of “soul food” I love to feed my children.

detail of chinese library book on the kind-hearted Old Grandmother

I love this story so much, I used it to create a homemade Chinese fairy tale puppet show for my daughter Nunu’s (not her real name) 8th birthday in November 2012. Click on this picture below to see tons of photos of the show and puppet.

121107 Laibao in honeysuckle bushes. Handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Here is the story in Traditional mandarin Chinese. If you can get your hands on the 12 book volume of Chinese Folk and Fairy Tale book set below, I recommend you do it. This hardcover set has so many beautiful, soul-warming, satisfying chinese traditional tales (all in traditional mandarin chinese). If you know of a vendor who sells it, please leave me a comment below so I can share it with others.

Thanks! – Jzin

漢聲中國童話 Award winning chinese books

Buy this 12 copy volume set (if you read traditional mandarin Chinese), you will not regret it. I LOOOOVE them!

140112 Blue Han sheng Award Winning Chinese Folk and Fairy Tale books collectable Set.

Audio CD version here.

Cast of Characters

Please kindly do not click on these posters below yet (it will take you nowhere), since I have not finished working on the links…

Scenes to Prepare for Puppet Show

    1. Laibao’s ramshackle little homestead
    2. Springtime on the hills.
    3. The Grand Mansion
    4. The journey
    5. The Rice Warehouse
    6. Old Grandmother’s hut
    7. Mountains and Gorge
    8. Paradise
    9. The Mansion, in celebration (Finale).


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    Wow, I can read now more characters!!!!! 😀 I hope in a year or two, I can read the story by myself!!!

    September 16, 2013

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