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Hello! I am still working on this page…it is not yet finished. So please excuse my mumbo jumbo, okay! – Jzin

Saturday. October 6, 2012. Hooray! I finished making my first chinese doll. This one is ” The Old Farmer 老農夫 ” whose warehouse full of rice kept disappearing through the night. He was made for our upcoming handmade and homespun Fairy Tale Puppet Theatre “Laibao’s Quest for a Bride 來寶求親“. This will be our first Chinese story. The last two were European stories.

Fairy Tale Puppet Story for Nunu’s 6th birthday: Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum.

Homemade puppet theatre for Nunu’s 7th birthday: Snow White and Rose Red by The Brothers Grimm.

 The Old Farmer stores his rice into the warehouse every day. However, mysteriously the rice disappears in the morning.

Laibao was travelling on his way to the Kunlun mountains to ask Xi Wangmu /Western Queen Mother to grant him a wish so he could marry his beloved Peach Blossom.

The Old Farmer lets Laibao lodge overnight at his home.

When the Old Farmer hears about Laibao’s quest to ask Xi Wangmu for a wish, he asked if Xi Wangmu can help solve his mystery of the disappearing rice.

Costume Research for The Old Farmer

I wanted earth tones. I wanted the farmer to look old. Here are some images I referred to.

I had liked this picture before. However, I did not directly refer to it while crafting the old farmer. In the end, I realize there is a resemblance to the old man (Dongyong’s loving aging father) here!

Building Puppet Show Scene: Warehouse of the Old Rice Farmer

Inspiration for the rice warehouse puppet show scene:


A warm Sunday. September 9, 2012.The children and I worked together to make this puppet show scene.

I decided to paint this scene gloomier, to contrast with other youthful and bright scenes.

The Final Photo:

Laibao’s Quest for a Bride 来宝求亲

  1. Laibao 來寶 : Our honest, simple and thoughtful hero. He wants with all his heart to marry the lovely Peach Blossom.
  2. Peach Blossom 桃花姑娘 Prettier than all the peach blossoms in spring
  3. Peach Blossom’s Father 桃花姑娘的爸爸 reluctant to let his beloved daughter marry the poor orphaned Lai包
  4. The Old Farmer 老农夫 His warehouse full of rice kept disappearing through the night.
  5. The kindhearted Old Grandmother 好心的老婆婆 Her pot of water from the well kept disappearing through the night.
  6. The big Dragon 大龙 He wants to ascend and live in the heaven yet his time was not coming.
  7. Xi Wangmu, The Western Queen Mother 西王母 She grants only 3 wishes to those who travel the long journey to seek her.
  8. The Western Queen Mother’s retinue of fairy girls 仙女
  9. The Pearl that Glows in the Night 夜明珠 the pearl which glows in the night. Laibao needs to bring this treasure to Peach Blossom’s father in order to marry Peach Blossom
  10. The One-Legged Golden Rooster 独脚金鸡 the mysterious beast that Laibao needs to find in order to marry Peach Blossom
  11. The Three-Legged Frog 三脚青蛙 another rare creature that Laibao needs to procure in order to marry Peach Blossom


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