Chinese Children’s Songs by Pictures

  • Chinese Children’s Songs that We Absolutely Love at Our Home!


Fisherman’s Song捕鱼歌

Fireflies 螢火蟲

Rowan Berry Tree 山犁树

Plum Blossom 梅花

Little Flower Cat 小花猫

Pekinese Puppy 哈巴狗

Our Rooster is Missing 我们的公鸡不见了

Pulling A Turnip 拔蘿蔔

Trishaw/ Strange or Not 三輪車 / 奇怪不奇怪

Where are My Friends? 我的朋友在哪裡

Greeting Song 問侯歌

My Home 我的家

Go, Train, Quickly 火車快飛

Clay Dolly 泥娃娃

Two Tigers 兩隻老虎

Little Bee 小蜜蜂


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 小星星

Tale of the Snail and the Orioles 蝸牛黃鸝鳥

Happy Birthday to You 生日快樂

Little Furry Donkey 小毛驢

Home Sweet Home 甜密的家庭

Lift your Headdress 掀起你的蓋頭來

Love Song of Kangding 康定情歌

Romance of the Horse Carriage Driver 馬車夫之戀

Song of Youth 青春舞曲

Jasmine Flower 茉莉花

Little White Boat 小白船

Orchid Grass 蘭花草

The Parting 送别

Red Berries 红莓果

Little Hen 小母雞

Good mother 媽媽好

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