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Songs of Chinese New Year in Mandarin Chinese with Chinese lyrics, pinyin, English Translations, videos. Free resources for learning Mandarin Chinese language and

Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year is yet another good excuse for our kiddos to learn mandarin chinese via singing these festive songs!

  1. Medley’s of Chinese New Year Songs for Children in 1 page
  2. List: Chinese New Year Songs CD compilation for Ms Grace Yeh’s First Grade Class
  3. My little research for Chinese lion dancing videos for children.


  1.  Baoboa Guo Xinnian 宝宝过新年 Baobao Celebrates Chinese New Year. Festive video with fun costumes and characters. Lyrics posted.
  2. Cai Shen Dao (Mandarin Version) 财神到 (中文) The God of Fortune Cometh. The chinese song of the same title differs from the Cantonese one.
  3. Cai Shen Dao (Cantonese Version) 财神到 (粤语) The God of Fortune Cometh. A fun, toe tapping, body dancing song!
  4. Da Luo Da Gu 打锣打鼓 Sound the Gong and Beat the Drum
  5. Da di hui chun 大地回春 The Earth Returns to Spring
  6. Dong Bian Qiao Luo Xi Bian Xiang 東邊敲鑼西邊響 Sounding the Gong in the East, Echos heard in the West
  7. Gongxi Gongxi 恭喜恭喜 Congratulations, Congratulations
  8. Hexinnian/Bai Nian  賀新年 / 拜年 Chinese New Year Greeting Song
  9. Shihai huanteng ying xingnian 四海欢腾因新年 The Four Seas Welcome the New Year
  10. Wangxiaoer bainian 王小二拜年 New Year Visitations with my little boy Wang
  11. Xinniandao Xinnian Hao 新年到新年好 The New Year is Here, A Good New Year
  12. Xinnian Hao 新年好 The Good New Year. Lyrics posted.
  13. Ying chun hua/ Da di hui chun 迎春花/大地回春 Spring Greeting Blossoms/ The Earth Returns to Spring


Laibao’s Quest For A Bride 來寶求親 Homemade Chinese Fairy Tale Puppet Show

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121107 Laibao in honeysuckle bushes. Handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Peach Blossom by Mason Park Lake. frilly

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