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Scroll down to view the 8 pages of handwritten lecture notes from 9/20/2011  Tuesday night’s Ancient History with Robin Theiss.

Robin, if you happen to lurk on my webpages, please point out any mistakes in these notes!

Click here to print all 8 pages in PDF format.

Elizabeth took a video of what was written on the board. Smart woman!

Here’s is my hand scribbled copy:

Click here to print all 8 pages in PDF format.

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That night, I was very compelled to share on the nature of recapitulation in cosmic evolution and evolutionary  biology, wondering about the place for deterministic fate versus chance in the process. See the famous Ontongeny Recapitulating Phylogeny diagram below when you scroll down. If you have something you would like to express regarding the lecture, feel free to leave a comment on the box below. We can chat up a storm on cosmic evolution!

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny. Source

22- Drawing by Ernest Haeckel
illustrates general laws of embryology proposed by Karl Earnest von Baer.

  • Studies comparing early vertebrate embryology found that different species have many features in common.
  • There is a common pattern to all vertebrate development:
  • Ectoderm: forms skin and nervous system.
  • Mesoderm: forms connective tissue, blood cells, heart, and muscle.
  • Endoderm: forms the lining of respiratory and digestive tubes.
  • General features appear before specialized features. After gastrulation many vertebrate embryos have similar
    features. For example, they all have notochords and spinal cords.
  • Specialized features develop from general features. Many vertebrates develop limb buds, but different specialized
    features, such as wings or hands, appear later.


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