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Once upon a time in Costa Mesa

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little urban homestead in coastal Costa Mesa, sunny Southern California. Three generations lived in this home that was filled with the music from an old piano, the bah-gawking of chickens and a tidy little plot of organic veggies and fruits. During the cold and wet winter months, the children and their mother would take a break from the garden, to huddle around the hearth and to make crafts with their busy hands.

As each handwork was finished, the proud crafter would wiggle a little twig that is tied to a bright little bell by a piece of jut string. As the stalwart little bell rang, the crafter would announce:

“Welcome to the world, little gnome, (or fairy, or picture, … ) may you bring joy and light into a little child’s heart.”

Then the happy lot would sing happy birthday to celebrate the birth of the handmade treasure as they sent it on its mission to bring joy, light and beauty to the special child out somewhere out there in the world.

An opulent feast for the eyes, hands and heart

Each Castle of Costa Mesa creation is lovingly handcrafted from natural, carefully selected, quality, non-toxic materials. The touch of natural wool fibers warms the hearts and hands. Luxury fibers used include mulberry silk, yearling mohair, Angelina fibers and more. The opulence of these fibers, together with the loving designs make these creations feasts for the senses.

In these days of fast, mass production of plastic toys, we hope that our slow, thoughtful handwork bring love and warmth into your life. Shop Castle of Costa Mesa – treat yourself to these lovingly handmade treasures, or – experience the joy of giving the extraordinary, unique and special.