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Making Broomstick Lace Crochet Cowls, Scarves and More. Monday Morning, December 15, 2014.

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141201 Katya modeling crochet handmade broomstick cowl and beanie. Photo by

Monday Morning, December 15, 2014

Today is the last day of craft group in 2014. We decided to get together this morning for a “farewell to 2014 party” plus to make Broomstick lace crochet!!! Everyone brought treats and huddled inside the small storage room behind The Company of Angels school store. Christine Newell and her mother Audrey showed the craft group how to crochet infinity cowl, scarf, beannie and other knitted or crochet projects.

Christine prepared supplies for us.

151215 yarn, needles supplies for making broomstick lace crochet.

Broomstick Lace Crochet, also known as jiffy lace and peacock eye crochet, is a historic crochet technique from the 19th century which is traditionally done using a broomstick!  They make for lively party conversations and lovely handmade gifts. Below is our lovely 9 year old Katia modeling Christine’s handmade broomstick lace beanie and infinity cowl.

Tina working.

151215 Tina crocheting.

Correct me if I am wrong, I think Audrey made this one…

150112 Audrey's broomstick lace cowl.

The beauty Suzanne in her handmade broomstick lace crochet cowl.

150105 Suzanne and her crocheted broomstick lace cowl.

Jeannie working on her cuddly Waldorf doll.

151215 Jeannie working on her 16 in Waldorf cuddly doll.

Kathy crocheted this broomstick lace infinity cowl as a handmade Christmas present for mother. Modeled here by 4th grader Stella.

150105 Kathy Christian broomstick lace crochet scarf for her mother

January 12, 2015. Lucy and her grey broomstick lace cowl. Notice the sparkly yarn she used!

150112 Lucy grey sparkly broomstick lace cowl.

The storage room at the back of The Company of Angels school store was lively and warm, but soon it got too crowded, I decided to sit outside in the Company of Angels store garden as the sun came up.

151215 Lori, Cathrine, Katia, Adrian Company of Angels garden crafting.

As I was crafting, Anicka and Katia rummaged through my craft box and asked me to make dolls with them. This is what I made with the children with the little time we had in the end of the morning.

150105 Jzin doll making with Katia and Anicka mermaids needle-felted.

Katia and Adrian continued and made more at home.

Christine Newell with yet another of her dazzling handmade scarf in gorgeous yarn.

151215 Christine Newell and nubby crochet infinity scarf.

March 2, 2015. Kathy found this random Dalmation paw pointer and used it as her “broomstick”! Here she is crocheting a matching beanie/hat for the broomstick lace cowl she made earlier.

150302 Kathy using dalmation paw pointer to make crochet broomstick lace beanie hat hand detail.

March 2, 2015. Melissa and her handmade broomstick lace beanie and scarf, ready for Connecticut snow!

150302 Melissa and her broomstick cowl and beanie hat.

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