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山犁树 Shan Li Shu

This song came in our beloved Children’s World Music in Chinese collection. So, I include it here. It is originally Russian, as claimed by the slavic branch of my family. But the lyrics and melody are soooo beautiful and moving, so I include it here!

Тонкая рябинаЧто стоишь, качаясь, Тонкая рябина, Головой склоняясь До самого тына? А через дорогу,За рекой широкойТак же одиноко
Дуб стоит высокий.
Как бы мне, рябине,
К дубу перебраться,
Я б тогда не стала
Гнуться и ломаться.
Тонкими ветвями
Я б к нему прижалась
И с его листами
День и ночь шепталась.
Но нельзя рябине
К дубу перебраться,
Знать судьба такая, –
Век одной качаться.
山犁树 山犁树





Rowan Berry Tree Why are you swaying,

Slender Rowan Berry Tree,

Bending your head

To the edge of the fence?

And across the road

Past the wide river

Just as lonely

Stands a tall oak tree.

How could I, the rowan berry tree,

Reach the oak,

I would then no longer

Bend and break.

With my thin branches

I will embrace him

And to his leafs

I will whisper night and day.

But the rowan berry tree

Cannot reach the oak,

It knows, it is destined

To sway alone for a century

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This version of Rowan Berry Tree is in Russian with Chinese lyrics next to it…Oh! the melody

Boy, I do love those melodramatic Russian songs! I shatters me!


Even though I’d like to say ah, “I am not that much into Neo-classical Romanticism, bah! mannerism, sentimental “art”…”.  However, this song / video moves me to tears! What can you say, I am a sentimental sop! Thanks Maria Romanov for the video!

Now, together! “Chto stoish kachayas, tonkaya ryabina…” Ops! I mean, in Chinese, “山犁树 細又长, 你何何直摇盪…”

OK. This version of Rowan Berry Tree is not chinese, by really, really, really moving.

According to Dmitri Shostakovich, Zykina (Людми́ла Зы́кина) was “more than a brilliant interpreter, she was a coauthor, co-creator of composers”. (Wikipedia).
Some handmade and vintage finds on about Rowan Berry Trees…

And of course, balalaika version!


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