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Making Baby Flower Fairy Hat for Mr. Pavel’s Baby Girl

May 19, 2013. Sunday. Mr. Pavel is having a baby girl in July! What shall we make for the new baby?

Nunu and I came up with wet-felting a baby flower fairy hat for the soon-to-be-born baby girl.

Sunday evening. Nunu sketched a triangular cardboard armature for the wet-felted baby hat.

130519 Nunu sketching outline of baby hat for wet-felted flower fairy baby hat craft

Thinking aloud: Sketching out the color changes of the flower onto our armature.

130519 sketching flower on cardboard ready to cut out

Next: Nunu cut out the triangular cardboard armature, rounding out the corners.

Nunu laid down pink wool top rovings in thin and flat layers of opposite directions onto the triangular armature, coving up the design.

130519 Nunu laying thin layers of wool tops onto baby flower fairy hat for wet-felting

Next, she added very thin pieces of yellow wool top, followed by white and green ones, to create a subtle color variation for her delicate flower. A pipe cleaner is added to the yellowish tip of the flower, covered by dark green roving for the stem.

130519 dry wool roving arrangement for wet-felted baby flower fairy hat

Nunu wrapped up the pipe cleaner and dark green roving with a fresh lighter green roving for the stem.

Our project is now ready for soap and boiling water.

10519 liquid soap for wet-felting flower hat for baby shower gift

Pouring briefly boiled water onto soapy wool. Using a spray bottle will lessen the risk of disturbing the wool design as you apply hot water to the wool. However, if you tend to be a tad impatient and like to live on the wild side, you may pour THIN streams of water directly onto the wool with a steady and sure hand.

130519 pouring boiling water onto soapy wool to wet-felted baby flower hat costume

As a biochemist, I cannot stress the importance/necessity of writing out the protocol/procedural steps of each experiment before it is carried out. Here, I pass on my habits to my daughter. Here was Nunu’s sketch for the crafting process.

130519 Nunu's sketchbook sketch of process of wet-felting Mr. Pavel's baby's wet-felted baby flower fairy wool hat

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