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Family Photo Album with Classical Composers

There are many ways to motivate a child to practice piano. Click here to see my arsenal of means.

This activity beautifies your child’s piano note book. Also, in connects your child to classical composers and adds reverence to classical music.

Here is my child’s piano notebook.


We downloaded lively and colorful paintings of composers we talked about, or the composers whose music my child is practicing. Here are some of our personal favorites:

Young Beethoven

Young Franz Shubert

There are many more on the web. We love Franz Liszt, the Schumanns, etc. Happy fishing!


Capture a happy moment on the piano.





let the child cut and paste the pictures into a scrap book style.

Arrange and decorate composer pictures around my child’s picture.

Label the composers names. Then label your child’s names in the same font and format.

Voila! Now we have a beautiful treasured piano notebook.

This is a strong image of the composer surrounding the child and giving their guidance and blessings to your child’s musical learning journey. When my child plays a piece of music with a mistake, I can bring up the composer and say “What dynamics did Leopold Mozart intend this phrase to be? Let’s try again with Leopold’s dynamics”.


Here is another example. The more your place composer pictures on your child’s notebooks, the more opportunity to think of music and piano.

Click here to view our favorite literature, tools and music for learning piano.

Do you have a lovingly handmade piano note book? Please do share your pictures here so we can motivate each other!

Also, if you have another favorite image of a composer, please share that image with us!

Thank you for stopping by this webpage! Have a wonderful day.

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    they are great

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