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Nunu and Jadyn’s joint 7th birthday party

Nunu is 1 day older than her friend Jadyn. So the moms decided to host a joint birthday party of the two girls! The girls were so happy to have a joint birthday party. Neither one has a sister and felt like this bonded them as sisters. I was even asked if Jadyn was my twin-daughter that I have secretly never told anyone about until now.

We had prepared much food and a puppet show, in an outdoor Gazebo in a large park with lakes and waterfalls. We Southern Californians did not expect the violent winds and rain that came that day!




As the adults were fretting over the whoosing wind and rain, the children were very, very happy with the situation.


“This is THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY ever!” She reported.

Lamby looked really cozy and cuddly here.


How does Gunes remain so poised and glamorous in the wild winds and pouring rain?


In the new location, we were finally able to set up and performed our puppet show.


The children enjoyed the puppet show.

Right after the puppet show, we invited the children to participate in the “Acorn Candle Boat” birthday wishes at the tub of water:

Pamela handmade the loveliest little acorn candle boats specially for the children! Click below to shop at her beautiful store PrettyDreamer ! Remember to click lots of hearts and tell your friends about her store!

Acorn cap candles - woodland /the littlest lights/ floating candles

PrettyDreamer’s Store

Lighting “Acorn Birthday Wish Candle Boats”. Jadyn had requested Hannah to light her birthday acorn cap boat.

First, Nunu lit a candle and made a wish for her 7th birthday. Then, Jadyn lit a candle and made a wish for her 7th year. Afterwards, each birthday girl invited a friend to light a birthday acorn boat for her until each girl has 7 boats floating in the water. The wishes they received including multiple vacations, a new ballet leotard and of course, a pony for Jadyn! Then the mommies stirred the tub with sticks and the girls chased around and blew off the candles. Yes, we have earth (muddy shoes), wind, fire and water, the basic elements today. Check.


Boy, that was fun! After that, we sang Happy Birthday and ate the prettiest birthday cake before the children went out and played on the wet grass (for the thunderstorm had passed)

The 2 birthday girls handed out acorn candle boats for their guests.

The children were excited to go home and light the candles in little dishes of water at their candlelit dinners at home!acorn cap candles-- woodland /the littlest lights/ floating candles


Cake time!


Finally, after the puppet show, the rain was over and Mr. Sun was smiling again.

Handing out acorn boat candles to the guests.


Thank you Trae for lending us a the new location for the party. You saved the day!


The guests leaving…


“Goodbye, goodbye…blessings on your way. May the sun shine bright in your hearts today”

Click on the picture below to re-visit the Fairy Tale Puppet Theatre “Snow White and Rose Red” that the children enjoyed that day.

Click on the fish below to see the process that was put into crafting this puppet show.

If you enjoyed the party, rain or the show, please leave a comment below! Thanks!

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