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Popular Chinese Songs

Man! I LOVE sappy love songs! The more you sing, the more you weep, the better your mandarin chinese will be. So sing a long! With feelings!!!

Popular English Songs covered in Chinese:

  1. Call Me Maybe 有空打来吧 by Carly Rae Jepsen 卡莉·瑞·吉普森 –  translated into Chinese! cover by Dawen

Popular Chinese Songs

  1. Descendants of the Dragon 龙的传人 Long de chuanren
  2. Just Like Your Tenderness 恰似你的溫柔 Qiashi nide wenrou
  3. Missing you Everyday 天天想你 Tiantian xiangni
  4. Songs of 羅大佑 Luo Dayou
  5. Wings in the Wind 風中的羽翼 Fengzhong de yuyi


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