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Chinese Children’s Songs About Animals

Chinese Children’s Songs About Animals

  1. Ants Moving A Bean
  2. Big Dragon Shrimps
  3. Butterfly 蝴蝶
  4. Bunny Dance
  5. Camel 駱駝
  6. Cicada
  7. Dragonfly 蜻蜓
  8. Elephant  (pending)
  9. Fireflies 螢火蟲
  10. Frog
  11. Frog Jumps into the Water
  12. The Hen Who Sits on a Duck Egg
  13. Happy Little Fish
  14. Little Bee 小蜜蜂
  15. Lazy Cat
  16. Little Bird
  17. Little Crow 小烏鴉
  18. Little Ducklings 小鸭子
  19. Little Frog
  20. Little Goldfish
  21. Little Hen 小母雞
  22. Little Goat 小羊兒
  23. Little Goat Wants To Go Home
  24. Little Oriole
  25. Little Praying Mantis 小螳螂
  26. Little Snail
  27. The Mouse Moving An Egg
  28. Old Crow
  29. Old Mother Hen
  30. Our Rooster is Missing 我们的公鸡不见了
  31. The Old Swallow and The Young Swallow
  32. Pekinese Puppy 哈巴狗
  33. Two Tigers 兩隻老虎
  34. Swallow
  35. The Village Mouse
  36. Ugly Duckling
  37. The Wild Bunny is Hungry

What are your favorite animals ?

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  1. Margaret Daniels #

    do you know of “He Climbed Up the Candlestick, Little Mousey Brown…?
    I have the lyrics, and am looking for the piano accomp.

    April 29, 2016

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