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Chinese Children’s Songs About Family and Home

Songs about Family and Home

    1. Good mother 媽媽好
    2. Grandma’s Penghu Bay 外婆的澎湖灣
    3. Home
    4. Home Sweet Home 甜密的家庭
    5. Little Sister carrying her dolly 妹妹背著洋娃娃
    6. Little Dolly’s Song 娃娃的故事
    7. Mama’s Eyes 媽媽的眼睛
    8. My Home 我的家
    9. My Home is Over There  我家在那裡
    10. This is My Home
    11. When I was just a baby
  • Get free coloring pages here.

Here is a family portrait of Frida Kahlo. What is your own family portrait like?

Frida, on the left

Here is a picture of “House” by my favorite painter, Fernando Botero. What does your house look like? Can you tell us a story with a picture?

Fernando Botero. House, 1995. Source.

Here is a little chinese home with a courtyard. Would you like to live in this type of home?

Illustration to the Second Prose Poem on the Red Cliff by Qiao Zhongchang. Source.


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  1. Jim #

    Hi. Many years ago, I went to a Chinese children’s school..There they sang a song which was a salute to mothers. Some words from the song are “Mu ching shang ray liang ee yang… This might have been the refrain or the start; I have forgotten which. I can’t find the song on the internet. Can anyone help?

    January 4, 2019

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