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Pekinese Puppy 哈巴狗 Hapa gou

A cartoon that brings tears to my eyes! Just remember to be kind to those who adore us! Here is a song about a grateful little pekinese dog. Do leave a comment below in the box if this cartoon moves you like it does me.

A sweet song for the very young child.


一隻哈巴狗 汪汪

坐在大門口 汪汪



一隻哈巴狗 汪汪

吃完狗骨頭 汪汪



A Pekinese Dog

A Pekinese dog <bow-wow>

Sat by the front door <bow-wow>

With black and sparkly eyes

Wishing for a bone with meat

A Pekinese dog <bow-wow>

Ate up his bone and meat <bow-wow>

Wagged his little tail

Then he nodded at me

Here are some handmade and vintage artwork from my friends at

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