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Downtown Los Angeles Chinatown

Shopping Information and Directions

Click on the map above to view Chinatown website and driving directions

  • The lovely Chinese brocades qipao/cheongsam were purchased from downtown Los Angeles Chinatown (in the pretty lantern-strung “historic” plaza close to Hill Street and Bamboo Lane.
  • If you dine in a restaurant in the area, you have I think 1 hour of free parking. Otherwise, you may bring quarters to feed the street meters on Hill Street.
  • Park on Hill Street between Bamboo lane and way before you get to College Street.
  • Enter Bamboo plaza on the pretty lantern-strung “Ging Ling”  pedestrian walk way.
  • The first clothing store  closet to Hill Street on your left was where I bought these beauties for $10 a piece! What a steal! (Original price: $13, if you buy 3 or more, you can request/haggle for $10 each.
  • After that, walk around the plaza, there is another large-ish clothing store around the corner you can check out.
  • If you exit Bamboo plaza towards Broadway and go right towards College/Alpine/Ord, you will be able to satisfy more your Chinese retail therapy needs.
  • Wing Hop Fung Chinese Pharmacy and Supermarket on Broadway before Ord (on your right as you walk south) has many traditional Chinese household goods. I love the crockery/bowls and dishes, etc. Fun to see.
  • Enjoy shopping!

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