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 Classical Chinese Poetry in easily digested format for children and adults alike. I want you to learn mandarin chinese with LOVE! I will add poetry text later for you to download and paste all over the walls of your home and your friends homes.

静夜思 (唐诗 李白)
Thank you chapsroc for uploading this poetry on

Another version of the same poem 静夜思 uploaded by retwrep on

《游子呤》 1 (唐诗故事)
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登鹳鹊楼 Ascending the Stork Tower
Thank you ImvolunteerE for uploading this poem on!

Angain, the same poem, Ascending Stork Tower, in a more in depth and longer version. Recitation, song, cartoon, introduction of chinese characters with hanyu pinyin notations, chinese stroke names and orders for mountain, river, eyes, flight. English translation included at the end of the video. 登鹳雀楼
Thank you mangjiangwu for uploading this educational material on!

《锄禾》 10 (唐诗故事)
My favorite Tang Dynasty poetry to remind children of gratefulness.
Thank you hikids2008 for uploading this poem on

Thank you littledragonteacher for this poster and recitation!

This cartoon story is long, shows the lives and interactions of a farming family. This video indirectly introduces this poem (only at the very end, the poem is introduced).
Thank you chapsroc for uploading this video on!

Say, can you dance classical poetry? Well, these children will show you how!
《儿童歌曲大奖赛》悯农 春晓
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古诗 – 咏鹅
Thank you chineseteachernyc for uploading this beautiful video on

詠鵝.wmv The same poem, with clearer format uploaded by little dragonteacher on Thank you!

说说唱唱《唐诗之鹅鹅鹅》 咏鹅 (朗读) The same poem in a peppy recitation version! Makes me want to tap my toes and dance!
Thank you threeseventwoshop for uploading this cute video on

赋得古原草送别 (唐诗)
Thank you chapsroc for uploading this video on!

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