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Here is a copy of the book you can buy from Amazon, and here is a link to a cheat sheet. And if the cheat sheet summary is still too much work to read, you must wait for my handstitched dolls edition of Parzival to be completed. So clickety click that “Like” for my CastleofCostaMesa facebook page on the top sidebar on my blog! Go ahead, click it! No one will know your true motives for subscribing!

Gahmuret “the Angevin”

Here is Gahmuret, Parsival’s dad. Pausing a moment in his career of battlelust. Did he ponder before his fall, how his need for freedom might have hurt Belacayne or Herzeloyde? Did he?

Gahmuret, Parzival’s dad and his wanderlust.

I would like to make all these dolls and have a grand epic play. So, if you are making any of these guys, let me know, we can have a grand old Parzival playdate!

  • Gahmuret, Parzival’s daddy
  • The Baruch in Baghdad
  • some motley bunch “throughout heathendom”
  • Isenhart
  • Moorish queen Belacane
  • Herzeloyde and baby Parsival
  • Parsival, the Dear One
  • Parsival, in untanned skins, seeking knighthood
  • Jeschute
  • Orilus, the poor unhappy sop
  • Condwiramurs
  • The hermit Trevrizent
  • Gawan and Orgeluse
  • Obilot
  • Feirefiz the magpie, Parsival’s half brother
  • ADD: the stairway to … Look! There’s a squirrel!


Take me with you, Gawain!

While I am busy sewing other dolls, let us tarry on some of Eric Rohmer’s Perceval le Gallois (Chrétien de Troyes version) film snippets. Why snippets? I did try to upload the entire film on youtube but due to my inexperience, I could not show the video with sound. I searched online and only find snippets of the film.

Perceval Le Gallois by Eric Rohmer

A tip for those who live close to Costa Mesa: Newport Beach Public Library has a copy of Perceval DVD.

Eric Rohmer Perceval Le Gallois 1978 Trailer in French. No subtitles.

Thank you Arielle Dombasle for uploading this on

Perceval Le Gallois (Eric Rohmer) début in French, no subtitles. Such beautiful music!

Thank you Cosifantuttee for uploading this on

PERCEVAL de Eric Rohmer. Trailer with English subtitles.

Thank you pietro68bleu for uploading this on

This is a snippet from the film: Eric Rohmer’s _Perceval le Gallois_ Fisher King and Grail Plot 1/2 with English subtitles

Thank you carot515 for uploading this on

Eric Rohmer’s _Perceval le Gallois_ Fisher King and Grail Plot 2/2

Thank you carot515 for uploading this on

Passion Scene from Perceval le Gallois. Eric Rohmer’s Perceval le Gallois has this lengthy passion scene at the end, with some beautiful, traditional Latin choral music. Reminds me of my Catholic upbringing! Beautiful! I just love to watch the energy of these actors! They sang with all their hearts! I love this scene… just look at the singers’ faces and their resounding voices with their whole beings poured into the singing.

Thank you Roubiere for uploading this on

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  • Julie Fish

    Wow, Parzival is an awesome story, but seeing these dolls makes me want to read it again! Spectacular job Jean!

    November 27, 2011
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    March 5, 2012
  • dreamyowl

    these are amazing!!! such beautiful dolls from beautiful stories!

    August 22, 2012
  • denise

    oh my your doll creations are so beyond words….a feast for the eyes!!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.
    Hope your day is filled with JOY!!!!!!

    October 20, 2012

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