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The Sailor Prince Who Was Stranded on the Shores of Corona Del Mar

“Shipwrecked! Not even a shred of my ship or crew in sight!” The sailor prince exclaimed to himself.

“I must have drank barrels of seawater, I cannot even walk straight. Is this friendly or hostile land?

What is this? A mermaid? A mirage?130127 The Sailor prince and Mermaid Merah mirage on Corona Del Mar Little Beach

“A sessile seaweed of this genus, species and subspecies…I must be close to the Kingdom of Costa Mesa…”

Be steady my wobbly legs…I must get to the Castle of Costa Mesa. They will provide me a ship and men to get back home!

The poor innocent Sailor Prince is about to collide with his destiny! Oh! Who will warn him?

This sailor prince doll was made in a day, when all of a sudden I had a vision and a compelling need to sew him. His boots are made with leather. It was so much fun to sew in the details. He used to have a sword, but the sword led to less than gentle play, so I had to hide it from little hands. It is personally meaningful to me that the sailor’s weather worn coat was made with a pair of nicely ripped pants that my firstborn had outgrown. I remember I used to worry if he will ever grow big enough to outgrow those pants. Well, now he has. And the pants are on my sailor prince (and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights). Ah! The secret joys of mothering and dollmaking combo.

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  • dreamyowl

    this is one of the most beautiful dolls i have ever seen! and how special that your firstborn contributed to his making. i really would love to have this doll for my son to cherish – but i must admit that i might not want to share him! 😉
    the photos you take of your work are like little pieces of art themselves; i love how they tell a story … 😀

    August 22, 2012
  • Amazing, amazing, amazing! I love all the details, absolutely everything about him! And as dreamyowl said…I do not think I would be able to share it with my daughter haha

    January 27, 2013
  • natali

    He is just gorgeous!

    September 19, 2013

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