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In the summer of 2015, I started teaching Felt+Craft workshops on the campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County. The workshops are for adults and children ages 9+. This was my second week of workshop, entitled “Dreamy, Shimmery Mermaid Kingdom”. Scroll down to our creative journey – Jzin

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  • Monday, June 29, 2015. We wrapped swings for mermaid. We started our mermaid with faces and sewn sequin tails.
  • Tuesday, June 30, 2015. We finished our mermaid with faces and sequin tails. We painted our mermaid kingdom diorama boxes and our cardboard furniture. We started making our pirates
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2015. We finished our pirates and made a stingray.
  • Thursday, July 2, 2015. We embellished our seashell beds, carriages, made fireplace. We wrapped our beach playmat.
  • Friday, July 3, 2015. We made fishes with open mouths. We finished up our works and performed puppet shows.

Spaces still open: You may register for my summer 2015 workshops on this page here.

Monday, June 29, 2015. Felting Mermaids with Faces and Sewn Sequin Tails.

I started our workshop with a solid wrapping exercise. I told the students how “needle-felting” is a misnomer and should be called wrap-felting instead. I made sure everyone knew how much wool batting and wool tops to use to make wrapping easy and greatly minimize, or not need any poking with needles. To demonstrate that skill, we made swings for the mermaid. Here was my mermaid boy on a swing with flowers.

2299 150629 Jzin's Needle-felted Mermaid boy on swing

June 30, 2015, Tuesday

Hanicka’s first needle-felted mermaid with sequin tail. She made Ariel!

2143 150630 Hanichka's first needle felted mermaid with face and sequin tail

Alyssa made wooden bed for grandma by breaking twigs and hot gluing them onto cardboard bed.

2146 150630 Alyssa making grandma's bed with cardboard, twigs and hot glue gun

Mermaids, sea-witch, cave, swings, prince, grandma and stick bed, flowers … Oh what a dizzying array of creative output today!

2161 150630 Day 2 Dreamy Shimmery Mermaid Kingdom Workshop students works today

Scroll down after this announcement to see for our works on the subsequent days…

Summer 2015 Felt + Crafts workshops

We still have spaces available for summer workshops. You can register by clicking on the link below.

150423 Mermaid Georgian and merbaby 2015 Summer Workshops post.

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Mermaid Kingdoms, Fairy Tale playscapes, Toadstool Cottage Night Light, finger puppet Gnomes and more! Come join Jzin Teng of Castle of Costa Mesa and learn how to felt, make small dolls and playscapes this summer. Pick one, or more, of the following 4 themed weeks! These 5 day long workshops (9am-12:30pm Monday-Friday) are for Adults and Children ages 7+. To register online:

  • Download these 2 pages and e-mail them to me with a check of $250.00 per week: Page 1 Page 2.

Online Registration vertical flyer Castle of Costa Mesa Summer 2015 Felt and Crafts Workshop camp at Waldorf School of Orange County

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We made dolls with legs and faces, such as princes, pirates, fishermen, et cetera. Alyssa made an announcer/narrator/woodsman for her Little Red Riding Hood story using faux fur as hair.

2238 150703 Alyssa and her faux fur hair announcer doll

Rapt and joyful atmosphere as the student made their needle-felted princes. I reminded the students they do not need to poke if they use thin enough layers and wrap correctly.

2168 150701 Hanicka, Anicka and Logan rapt and joyful working

Anicka with her mermaid from the Indian Ocean and a fisherman from the South of France.

2178 150701 Anicka with her needle-felted Indian mermaid and French fisherman

Alyssa’s independent project: we laid wool down to make her woodland playscape blanket. This photo was taken before wet-felting.

2184 150701 preparing to wet-felt Alyssa's woodland playscape

Princes, mermaids and more. Arranging our finished works for display…

2171 150701 arranging finished work for display

Fruitful day! We made human figure dolls with faces and legs (princes/fishermen), painted our diorama boxes and corrugated cardboard fantasy furniture and laid wool to wet-felt playscapes.

2176 150701 Wednesday Mermaid Kingdom Felt and Craft end of day group photo

Logan just dropped in mid-way today and made his first doll – Peter Pan. Wow!

2182 150701 Logan dropped in today and made his first doll Peter Pan

Kaili’s work today.

2166 150701 Kaili with her handmade needle-felted doll

Thursday, July 2, 2015

My 10 year old crafter retreated to a silent corner to focus on sewing curtains to her mermaid’s canopy bed. She did not want any pointers. She was enthusiastically guided by the vision that is clear to none but her own heart.

2186 150702 Nunu sitting by herself sewing curtains to her mermaid bed

Alyssa’s beautiful work! This is Grandma’s cottage, intimate interior view. The only ocean element she used was the spirally seashell – here disguised as a bouquet of woodland flowers on Grandma’s table.

2236 150703 Alyssa's miniature Grandmother's room with crackling fire and log bed

Friday July 3, 2015 Student Puppet shows

This has been an exhilarating and productive week! Today was the last day of our week-long workshop. In the morning, everyone busily working on finishing touches for our group exhibition. Elena’s sea witch brewing up a powerful transformative concoction in her deep-sea cavern. Elena wanted me to wait until the tea light candle glows green before I take the photo.

2282 150703 Nunu's needle-felted sea witch mermaid brewing a potion

We used color changing tea light candles for our scenes. You can buy them by 2 dozens at

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Elena’s Dreamy, Shimmery Mermaid Kingdom diorama theater with velvet curtains, cast of mermaid, fisherman, sea witch, sea otter family, stingray, mermaid bed and more!

2276 150703 Nunu's Dreamy Shimmery Mermaid Kingdom theater diorama set with mermaid seawitch sting ray sea otters prince boat and more

Anicka with needle-felted mermaid, fisherman, boat, diorama, fish, pearl carriage and stingray. Her fish had retractable, protruding tongue for occasions of naughty moods.

2273 150703 Anicka with needle-felted mermaid, fisherman, boat, diorama, fish, pearl carriage and stingray

She conjured up a tale of a mermaid enslaved in a chamber by a greedy witch.

2222 150703 Anicka told the tale of a mermaid enslaved in a chamber by a witch

Anicka’s mermaid-driven, pearl-encrusted corrugated cardboard, sea-carriage was powered by a flying stingray!

2232 150703 Anicka's mermaid driven carriage was powered by a stingray

2286 150703 Anicka's stingray drawn pearl encrusted corrugated cardboard mermaid sea carriage

Our prolific crafter Alyssa with her cast of Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale in Grandma’s cottage! Simply amazing what these students made this week! Wow!

2257 150705 Alyssa's prolific needle-felting Red Riding Hood cast in Grandma's cottage with playscape wood landWe still have spaces for my next workshops. You may register online here or e-mail me for questions ( More Information and Registration Page

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1736 150608 square cropped Handmade finger puppet gnomes on shelf

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