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Come adopt a gnome! Bring home a pet mermaid in her mermaid kingdom cave! Seek unique handmade treasures crafted by Jzin Teng and her 5th grade daughter from The Waldorf School of Orange County. You will also find unique wool relief artworks, Upside Down Surprise flower fairies, Easter and Mother’s day gifts, Gnomes in love, fairy playscapes, a motley of fairy tale dolls, and more. Come experience the magic that is The Castle of Costa Mesa.

The Wishing Well is a non-profit gift, book, toy, art and craft supply shop. 100% of their proceeds supports The Pasadena Waldorf School. I will be selling many items not listed on my Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop. 20% of the proceeds from this event will go towards supporting The Pasadena Waldorf School. Bring your friends and come!

Trunk Show at The Wishing Well Store at the Pasadena Waldorf School


4717 160229 Mermaid mother and merbaby poster Pasadena Waldorf trunk show


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160229 Castle of Costa Mesa loving gnome couple sweet mermaid daisy unicorn toadstool L

Bring a Friend, Come and Shop!

20% of the proceeds will be donated to The Pasadena Waldorf School. #CastleofCostaMesa

Come adopt a Gnome! They are 100% wool finger puppets. They warm your fingers and hearts!

141209 gnome buddies Wigfrith and Æthelweard strolling on boxwood on a sunny morning

Upside Down Surprise Flower Fairies…

These flowers can be given in a bouquet. With a flip, these flowers turn into flower fairies! They will never wilt, but blossom forever more in the hearts of your loved ones!

141102 Miss Upside Down Rose with green gloves flower fairy triptych 2


160113 Jzin Workshop Flower Fairies blog slider

Wool Relief Fiber Artwork…

150115 Sleeping Mermaid Family 7832

Guardian Angel Wool Relief Artworks…

160301 Castle of Costa Mesa poster Denmark Spring flower Blonde Guardian Angel

150122 Guardian Angel with shooting star at Cordata Park 7943 shoulder crop.

150511 Guardian Angels by Jzin Teng, Castle of Costa Mesa Collage.

Wool Playscapes…

131201 Mermaid in front of open cave square cropped with logo

Gnomes in Love…

These two gnomes have found each other a long time ago. Their love has lasted through many foibles of life. Sid has forgotten the birth name of his beloved because he has been calling her Princess ever since he met her. Some may say that Princess has a big nose, and Sid says, it is the perfect size for her lovely face.Their love and joy make these two a talisman for your love. They are a visual reminder to you that whatever happens in your relationship, you can always choose one another (over pride, being right, money, acorns, etc). Come shop Castle of Costa Mesa’s for gnomes in love!

5049 160204 Sid and Princess Valentine Gnome Couple

160210 astle of Costa Mesa gnomes in love Barberry with Billberry

Mother’s Day gifts

Soft and unique, you can hang them up to display.

3249 151022 Small wool pictures preparing for Journey School Harvest Faire logo

4308 151130 Bliss - Mother swinging baby in vintage colors Castle of Costa Mesa

Mermaid Kingdom, Fairy Tale Dolls and more!

4912 160128 Mermaid Daisy portrait by green sea lettuce

140512 Nunu's Mermaid Family with mercat on blue dupioni silk square cropped.

Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy Shop

Take a look at Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy Shop by clicking on the image below.

2424 150716 Nunu Unicorn and Maiden needle-felted fairy tale fiber art fantasy picture detail cropped

Castle of Costa Mesa Upcoming Workshops and Events

Check our my felting workshops and other related events here.

8213 150126 An Elf riding a swan

Waldorf School of Orange County Weekly Craft Group blog

Come join us! Click here to view details, upcoming projects and photo gallery of past craft group projects and tutorials.

150913 Tuesday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

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