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This was my first attempt at making a mermaid doll. This was the season I fell in love with sequins!

Penelope crafted until the return of Ulysses. I am crafting until my ship comes in …

Coils of slithery hair like the Medusa. Children have a tendency to tidy her hair up. Once, I got her back from a child with a yarn pony tail.

Group photo: Left to right: My first mermaid, Cinderella’s step sister, Prince Charming, Cinderella’s other step sister in blue and Cinderella topsy turvy doll (this side, she is in her ball gown/wedding dress) . The last doll (in white lace, 100% silk satin and pearls on the right) reverts to her tattered housemaid frock upon the flip of the hem of her skirt over her head.

I do love sequins!

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  • The sequin hair and fin are absolutely gorgeous! She came swimming out of the sea!

    November 26, 2012

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