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Toadstool Mother and Her Three Adoring Toadstool Babies. 6″ Wool Relief Artwork


A small 6″ wool relief artwork to celebrate the resplendence of motherhood.

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A magical scene of a toadstool fairy with her three little baby toadstools. This piece is an unabashed indulgence in the joy of motherhood, luxury fibers, textures and colors. It comes ready to hang and display in a 6” bamboo embroidery hoop.

Fiber artwork awash in dreamy colors and sensuous textures. Created out of love, this artwork is pure confection for your soul.

This wool relief picture was lovingly needle-felted, using thoughtfully selected quality materials. This is a sensuous visual feast. This beautiful natural fiber wool relief artwork is suitable to hang in your child’s bedroom, nursery or anywhere in your home. It makes a wonderful birthday, mother’s day, baby shower gift.

If this one is sold, you can contact me. I will make another one for you.

The logo does not appear on the actual artwork.

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Blessings on your day!

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