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Friday afternoon. July 12, 2013. Today we gathered at Emily’s home to celebrate her 7th birthday. Happy birthday, Emily!

Earlier this year, we have donated a puppet show performance for our Waldorf School annual Gala and Auction. Emily’s family had won this puppet show performance in the fundraiser event. Today, my daughter and I performed Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum as a table top puppet show for Emily’s family.

130712 Emily smiling over her birthday apple cake baked by daddy. square cropped with title

Southern Californian style summer party: swimming in the backyard pool.

130712 swimming in Peter's pool

My two assistants: My 8 year old pianist Nunu (nickname) on the left and Emily the birthday girl (turns 7), on the right.

It’s 3 pm! Nunu and Emily were excited to start performing the table-top puppet show!

130712 Nunu and Emily getting ready to start performing Apple Cake table top puppet show.

Peter did a magnificent chalk drawing for the Apple Cake story!

The Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum. A Heartwarming story. You can get a copy of this book on below…

…take a peek under the golden lame fabric before the start of the puppet show…

130712 Peek under silks before puppet show

My 8 year old pianist started the puppet show with Dimitri Shostakovich’s Joke Waltz. Emily lent her a pillow to sit on so she could reach the piano keys.

130712 8 year old Nunu playing Dimitri Shostakovich Joke Waltz to open puppet show performance

130713 Balearic goose girl scene

Our birthday girl Emily and Nunu performing for friends.

130712 Nunu and Emily children performing puppet show for their friends at Emily's 7th birthday party celebration

Up the hill she went, and down again. Then she came to a garden full of beautiful lilies, lilac, violets, roses, every kind of blossom. Never had she seen such a lovely garden! She stopped to look at the flowers, and there she saw a man and a woman sitting in the garden, and heard them quarreling.

130713 Balearic Old woman with couple in garden

… They laughed and smiled like happy children, and then they went round the garden gathering the loveliest flowers for the old woman: roses, lilies, lilac, violets – what a beautiful bouquet!

130713 Auburn and Prince Charming in honeysuckle bush at Balearic

“… A little further on she saw a handsome young man coming towards her. Her was dressed in his very best clothes for he was going to visit his sweetheart. He would have been even more handsome had his face not looked so gloomy, as if he had not a friend in the whole wide world.”

130712 Nunu and Emily performing scene of the encounter of the old woman with the handsome young man

130711 Handsome young man and old woman with basket of flowers hagrid back yard rehearsal with logo

“Better to go with empty hands than with an empty heart,” said the Old Woman, “But we are only young once, and so I’ll give you something to fill your empty hands, even though I won’t get my apple cake.”

130713 Handsome young man doll with bouquot of white flowers in an open field Balearic

“Well,” said the Old Woman, “never let it be said that I enjoyed a nice apple cake while my neighbor went hungry.” With that she let the gold chain fall into the poor woman’s lap and off she went without waiting for thanks.

130712 Emily and Nunu showing poor woman and Old woman puppet show scene

130712 hungry children watching puppet show intently

130712 Poor woman, babe, little white dog and old woman in front of a tumble down cottage diorama with Nunu running in the backyard.

Daddy narrated the story.

130712 Peter narrating Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum homemade puppet show for children

…And see – she had not walked for five minutes before she saw in a garden an apple tree laden with lovely red apples.

130713 Old Man, apple tree, Old Woman and dog Balearic

Finale, rehearsal photo.

130712 Finale rehearsal picture for Apple Cake by Nienke van Hichtum

At the end of the puppet show, Nunu presented “The Goose Girl” handmade doll to Emily as a birthday present.

Nunu wet-felted and needle-felted this doll with a little help from me, as a birthday present for Emily. It was made as a flower fairy. It can also don an apron to be a Goose Girl, a ragged apron to transform into Cinderella, or without apron, to be a princess. Happy birthday, Emily! We hope you like your handmade gift!

130712 Nunu needle-felting wensleydale wool locks to handmade goose girl doll for Emily's birthday present dyptich

Peter baked the birthday girl apple cakes in regular and gluten-free, casein-free versions!!!

130712 Emily smiling over her birthday apple cake baked by daddy

130712 cake time

130712 Nunu and Emily's family with puppets and cakes

Mmm…mmm! The apple cake was delicious! Here is the talented baker with 2 apple cakes: regular and gluten-free, casein-free versions!

130712 Peter baked 2 apple cakes one regular and one GFCF

On the next morning, we received a note from Peter…

Saturday, July 13, 2013. 8:12am.

Hello and good morning Jzin,

A huge thank you to you and (Nunu) for such a fun time yesterday. The children all love the puppet show and listening to (Nunu) play her beautiful piano was such a special touch. The dolls and the scenes are just beautiful and what a special gift you and (Nunu) have given Emily, the Goose Girl doll, she love it. At the end of the party after everyone had gone home Emily played with her Goose Girl doll and she began making special apron’s for her and when it was time for Emily to go to bed Emily made a special little bed for the Goose Girl and tucked her in. This is how we know that Emily loves that doll, it’s because she takes such good care of her.

With love and gratitude from our family to yours

Peter, Erica and Emily


Oh! What a wonderful note! Makes us so happy! (big smiles) – Jzin

Other Homemade Puppet Shows by Nunu and I

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Click the photo below to see Nunu and I performing the same puppet show a few years ago for Nunu’s 6th birthday celebration.

Homemade Puppet Theatre of Apple Cake by Nienke Van Hichtum. Our wonderful audience

Nunu’s 7th birthday: We performed “Snow White and Rose Red by the brothers Grimm.”

Snow White and Rose Red wedding scene. Handmade and homespun puppet theatre by

Nunu’s 8th birthday: We performed traditional chinese fairy tale, “Laibao’s Quest For A Bride” 來寶求親  Click below to view our gazillion pictures! It’s a very good story… brings tears to my eyes everytime I read or tell it!

121107 Laibao in honeysuckle bushes. Handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Theater. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

April 25, 2013, Thursday. Performance of Snow White and Rose Red for Ms Tiesha’s aftercare program.

130425 logo close up Nunu performing table top puppet show for children

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