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This is the young, kind-hearted but poor orphan Laibao 來寶, who wished with all his soul to marry the lovely Peach Blossom 桃花姑娘. Peach Blossom’s daddy demanded that Laibao brings him 3 unusual treasures, in order to allow Laibao to marry his daughter. Here is Laibao, in his best travelling suit and get-up, on his journey West to the Kunlun Mountains to ask the Western Queen Mother 西王母 Goddess to help him succeed in his quests.

Laibao made a make-shift sun umbrella tent over his head. He brought his water ladle with him so he could scoop fresh water from the springs to drink. In his excitement to get to Kunlun mountain in the shortest time possible, he hung his snack where he could eat without having to waste any time taking breaks! Young people can be so impatient sometimes!


  • About Laibao:
    • Laibao the character
    • The Making of Laibao Doll
    • Laibao’s Travelling Get-up
    • Don’t Forget to Make a Baozi Snack for Laibao! A Calorie-Free Tutorial
    • Laibao’s Ramshackle Home
  • About The Homemade Puppet Show “Laibao’s Quest For A Bride”
  • The Cast
  • November 5, 2012. Puppet Show Performance on Nunu and Jadyn’s joint 8th birthday party.

The Making of Laibao Doll

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Laibao’s Travelling Get-up


Don’t Forget to Make a Baozi Snack for Laibao! A Calorie-Free Tutorial

Here is a calorie free snack your kiddos will love to make! Using Crayola Model magic, you can make a Char Siu Bao 叉燒包, or baozi for Laibao as he sets off in a hurry on this journey to the Kunlun Mountains in search of Xi Wangmu (Western Queen Mother).

When the baozi is dried, you should take a bite off it, so it looks like Laibao did have a snack earlier!

The Making of Laibao’s Ramshackle Home

Thursday,  November 1, 2012. Since I find it difficult to upkeep a pet at home as the children wish, I poured some of that longing into creating miniature make-believe homes for our “puppet-creatures”. Here is Laibao’s rickety, ramshackle home:


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A Homemade “Traditional Chinese Fairy Tale Puppet Show” that the children and I performed recently for my child’s 8th birthday.

I am in the process of posting pictures, story and crafting process of our homemade puppet show. Perhaps it will inspire you to make your own with your little ones at home! Please go to my facebook page, click “like” CastleofCostaMesa and I will let you know when I finish posting these. – Jzin. November 15, 2012.

Traditional Chinese Fairy Tale Homemade Puppet Show for my Nunu’s 8th birthday celebration last week.

It was an inspiring story, about the true nature of transactions … Laibao’s Quest for a Bride.

Tutorial is pending. Please “like” my facebook page and I will let you know when I post it later, thanks! – Jzin

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