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140923 Quadritych Kite Boy, Caroling Boy and Snow Boy 2130925 Windswept hair, red lambswool sweater, yellow kite blonde handmade Nova Scotia Kite boy Fall Autumn Waldorf Seasons Nature Table square cropped. 130920 square. Maple Leaf child for Waldorf Fall Seasons Table waving130924 The Wanderer root child sliding down a leaf. square cropped. Nature Table for the Waldorf Home. 131015 square cropped. Josephine's needle-felted mouse peering out the door of his orange pumpkin house front door on foggy morning130921 Ms Brooke's kite boy square cropped.130925 Needle-felted Grumpy Red Gnome roasting marsh mellows over open kindling fire pit. Square cropped. 130924 Kite boy for Ms Lorri's First Grade Class. Birds eye view shot. square

A Little Elf

A little elf
sat in a tree
painting leaves
to throw at me

Leaves of yellow
and leaves of red
came tumbling down
about my head.

Tipperty-toes, the smallest elf,
Sat on a mushroom all by himself,
Playing a little tinkling tune
Under the big round harvest moon;
And this is the song that Tipperty made
To sing to the little tune he played.

Red are the hips, red are the haws,
Red and gold are the leaves that fall,
Red are the poppies in the corn,
Red berries on the rowan tall;
Red is the big round harvest moon,
And red are my new little dancing shoon.

Let faith be my shield
And let joy be my steed,
‘Gainst the dragons of anger,
The ogres of greed.
And let me set free
With the sword of my youth,
From the castle of darkness
The power of truth.

Jack O Lantern, Jack O lantern
Your light it doth shine,
Sitting up upon the window
And your light it is mine.
Once you were a yellow pumpkin
Sitting on a sturdy vine
Now you are a Jack O lantern,
And in the night you will shine.

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130924 African Merprince Summer post pretty

130925 Windswept hair, red lambswool sweater, yellow kite blonde handmade Nova Scotia Kite boy Fall Autumn Waldorf Seasons Nature Table post pretty.

  130924 Waldorf Season nature table dolls for all seasons.  All Seasons The Wanderer post pretty

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 The Rainbabies

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  • Julie Fish

    Beautiful work, amazing detail. Love it! You rock Jean!

    November 27, 2011
  • natali

    I think of all your dolls, the fall ones are my favorite!!

    January 19, 2013
  • Jenna

    I would love to have the words to the Apple Orchard eurythymy.

    September 16, 2016

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